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Tutorial Listing

This is simply a page where I can the links to all the tutorials I have hosted on my web server. As I add new tutorials, this list will change, but every once in a while I send out an update journal.

Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago I accidently deleted a folder that contained the tutorials (among other things), but up until someone bmailed me looking for one of the tutorials, I hadn’t figured out all that was missing.

This journal will be an easy way for me to check links in the future.

Tutorials Directly Related to Redbubble

How to Add Images or Buttons to Your Profile as Links

How To Make a T-Shirt Design with Transparency for the Redbubble Tee Template

What Size Images Do I Need to Get Prints on Redbubble

Photoshop Tutorials

Replacing A Photographic Sky using Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

How to Isolate Objects with the Pen Tool

Basic Image Resizing in Photoshop

Boosting Colours with Layers

Using the Photoshop CS2 Enlarge for Print Wizard

Using the Perspective Tool in Photoshop

Removing Backgrounds in Photoshop Using Photoshop’s Extraction Tool

Removing Backgrounds in Photoshop Using Layers and the Eraser Tool

A Simple Colour Sketch from a Photograph using Photoshop

A Tutorial for Cleaning & Smoothing Skin

How To Create Your own Unique Text Designs Using the Text Mask Tool

Beginner’s Photography Tutorials

Compositional Rules

F-stops and Shutter Speeds

Shooting Isolated Objects, or Simple How To Shoot On a White Background

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