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Inspirations from Buck's Mountain

One of the inspirations I draw on for my own work sometimes is a trip we took to Georgia some years back – and the girl (well, woman really) who lives, surrounded by nature, on the top of Buck’s Mountain – Patricia Montgomery.

She’s been at the art of photography for a number of years, and her array of filters for her digital canon amazed me. Even more amazing was some of her photographs – some are what she thought of as vacation photos, but many them could grace any travel magazine or brochure. She has an eye for composition and scenic views that results in these wonderful scenes of nature through all the states they have visited.

Some of my favourites aren’t here on the bubble (yet), but there are plenty of lovelies in her gallery.

The Golden Gate Bridge in Fog

Wyoming Butte

King of the Alpine Tundra

and who could resist this:

Go have a look at her gallery and leave a comment or two – she’s a great southern gal with lots of southern hospitality. She’ll charm the socks off ya!

On to the interview.

What drew you here to the Redbubble community?

On your recommendation my dear friend, Gracey! Since joining in April, I have been pleased with a first-rate site to showcase my images, uplifted by a supportive community of artists, and blessed by new friends.

How does your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

So much to do, so little time! I first discovered my creative streak at the age of 11 when I wrote a short story, a silly little Christmas mystery about Santa’s missing bag of toys. Over the years I have tried a little bit of everything, from sewing to hand-tinting photos to woodworking (with all those big-boy power tools). Never afraid to tackle something new, at this point in my life I have probably forgotten half of the countless things tried over the years. I still sew and occasionally hand-tint black & white photos, but haven’t built a piece of furniture in several years. But for more than 20 years, photography has been the constant light that has never dimmed.

Ah, I digress. The actual question was how does my creativity affect other aspects of my life? Because photography is such a consuming passion, the dust bunnies sometimes run amok. That aside, on an fundamental level my creativity is a gift from my Lord and just one part of the many parts that sum up the whole me.

What is currently your favorite medium?

Photography, hands down! My earliest memory is looking down into my mother’s old box camera, seeing that tiny bit of world reflected back at me, and being totally fascinated. Fast forward to now. I was a late-comer to digital, clinging to film a bit longer than most. On our last trip I took over 1600 images. With the expense of developing, I could never have done that with film. Fully captivated now by the digital world, the LCD monitor on the back of the camera produces instant gratification and the computer permits tweaking that can make a good photograph into a better one. These are exciting times in the world of photography!

What subjects do you enjoy the most in your work?

My love for nature and outdoors has manifested itself over the years in landscapes and wildlife shots, most taken on our travels. A recent road trip on a stretch of historic Route 66, created a new passion for photographing disappearing American icons: old signs, antiques, vintage cars, store fronts, restored architecture, dilapidated buildings. After returning home, I have been more aware, seeing there are the same photo opportunities right here in our hometown. My next undertaking is to capture them before they are gone forever.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on Redbubble particularly special or meaningful.

That would be you, Gracey!

I met Gracey over 10 years ago when we started out as pen-pals. That was back in the day when people actually sat down to write letters, lick stamps, and put the letters in the mailbox. With the advent of the internet, we progressed to email. Eventually there were face-to-face visits back and forth between Canada and the States. Lucky for us, our husbands hit it off, too.

Gracey is an incredibly gifted and successful talent. Her work on Redbubble is incredible, especially when she wields the digital paint brush to create a digital painting Yet what makes her even more special is her big heart. Always willing to share new ideas and techniques, Gracey wants her friends to be successful, too.

Show & tell: What three people on Redbubble have moved or inspired you?

Oh, how I would like to mention all on “my watch list“, because each one is special and talented. It is difficult to narrow it down to just three but in choosing Elaine, Maria, and Susi, it does not in any way detract from the others.

Elaine Farmer has a warm and sweet spirit that is evidenced by her lovely and imaginative images, such as the soft and delicate Baby Pink Her encouraging words through her comments are a bright spot in everyone‘s day, especially mine.

Maria Dryfout has an exceptional creativity that is unmistakable as soon as you see her profile. Her work is not only ingenious, but absolutely beautiful. Her images will inspire you, comfort you, bring joy, make you laugh, and sometimes make a point

Susi Lawson has an artistic energy that you don‘t want to miss. In her portrait work, my favorites are those of her little neighbor, Cassa In each one, you get a glimpse of Susi’s artistic soul and see in her work the gift for capturing the essence of her subject’s persona.

I cannot write of photography inspiration without mentioning my husband, Monty. Even though he is not a member of Redbubble, he shows steadfast interest in my work here. A generous benefactor over the years, he has provided cameras, lens, accessories and upgrades along the way. More importantly, though, I am blessed by his love and constant encouragement. Our journey together has been a joyous one!

What goals do you have for your work outside of Redbubble?

My personal goal in photography remains unchanged and can be summed up in one word: improvement. I strive constantly to improve my work through better technique. In recent months I have discovered the exciting world of digital fine-tuning, an area where I want to develop a skill set.

My newest goal is more sales in the coming year. I plan to aggressively promote my services and images through my own web site (currently in the design phase) and the Redbubble gallery. Next year I hope to be ready to set up a venue in the numerous fairs and festivals that are so popular in our area in the autumn.

Any parting comments?

Thank you, Gracey, for the honor of this interview!

Edit: for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the text links don’t work in the last half of the journal…new one on me.

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