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When the artistic side takes over, the results are the images I see in my inner visions: not always expected, but they are my own...

The Astonishing Reality of Martin Kirkwood

Having only recently had the opportunity to really look at Martin’s work instead of glancing through his portfolio I find myself astonished at how much reality appears in his work – and at how versatile he is with different mediums.

I love his abstracts, but also his portraits – it’s difficult to choose a favourite from among this amazing display. This self portrait is one I find myself drawn to, though it isn’t offered for sale. The face is most expressive, and while it’s titled “An artist at play”, one can feel the concentration in this.

From the abstract works, I find a pleasing range of colour, texture and balance in Abstract1

It is nearly impossible to select a favourite from among the portraiture – most are very expressive and beautifully done. If pushed to the wall I might select Lance

Or Lesley

But there are many other pieces of interest as well – a lovely cat portrait, and interesting one of discs, even some doodles. Visit Martin’s own website for even more.

Martin is a man of few words, but some of them will make you smile.

What drew you here to the Redbubble community?

I got kicked out of my favoutite website for breaking the rules. I’m not sure what the rules were but a great Aussie photographer pointed me here.

How does your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

It buggers it up completely. I work as a tour coach driver in the UK and there are laws against sketching and painting while at the wheel of a large passenger carrying vehicle.

How many mediums do you work in? Which is your favourite, and why?

I’ve lost count of mediums. A psychic i confided in earlier this week said 6 but I reckon it’s nearer 8. Oil is my favouite. It has supernatural tendencies that can only be explained by diluting it with varying spirits and other unworldly stuff.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful.

Oh crikey. That’s a tricky one. Being noticed by the “Painters in Modern Times” group and being a featured artist in their “Best of Showcase” made me spit coffee all over my keyboard. I no sooner wiped my laptop clean when I was invited to be a joint group host. I’m still in a state of shock.

Show & tell: What three works or people on redbubble have moved or inspired you?

I can’t answer this question without mentioning my Dad

If it wasn’t for my father’s encouragement I’d have put down my brushes years ago.

3 works?

Moonglow Over Bixby reminds me that painting isn’t dead yet despite being swamped by digital stuff.

Karsten Stier’s work is incredible. Starving Artist leaves me wondering whether to laugh or cry.

Flibble’s Shelf Portrait just made me laugh out loud. It’s just brilliant.

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