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Spiritually Charged - Amber Elizabeth Fromm

In the current wave of artist’s interviews, here’s another that crests at the top and rolls forward toward the sands of Redbubble.

A short while ago I had the honour of encountering Amber in the bubble. The first I’d ever really heard of Amber was a portrait posted on another member’s profile. I remember asking him who the lovely was. She wasn’t then a part of Redbubble, and I’m not privvy to what it took to get her here, but I’m thoroughly glad she was convinced to join us.

Here is one poet and artist whose work never fails to move the emotional string within the heart – every poem, line by line, weaves it’s message through the reader; from head to heart.

One of my personal favourites is this piece.

Let me introduce you to Amber:

How did you arrive at Redbubble

I actually was trying to bond with my significant other Joseph A. Donais aka the dreadfulbride (he is so gifted see here)

I thought I could post a poem or two for I had written a few pieces for him … such as “Melt Like Butter” and I thought it would make a nice gift and, surprise, figured since he was a frequent bubbler “if you couldn’t beat them (you darn bubblers) then lets see what it this Red Bubble is about” and joined it – and been hooked ever since. It is a magical place; truly it is…

How does your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

My creativity affects many aspects of my life, I have an analytical mind, sometimes hard to switch gears and can be a problem … with this seeking nature my creativity often comes out with new solutions to old problems … I search for light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes the simple thought is our best path. I am a flint stone …I look for new ways of looking at life I feel I have a multi-dimensional focus and I see out there. I see myself as a spirit seeking spiritual enlightenment, deeper knowledge and seeking inner peace and spiritual improvement within myself first and in our world… and keeping it simple generally works best for me.

How many mediums do you work in? Which is your favourite, and why?

I work in many mediums from flowers to tambourines… lyrics to chord, and vocal to instrumentation and paint to ink. I used to think my favorite medium was music but I now believe that word, art, music, sculpture and any and all mediums can touch the soul equally and as powerful. An example of contrasts a silent picture to an overt message can be beautiful. So I have no favorite medium.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special

This is really hard – to choose just one, so hopefully you’ll bear with me. To put it to one person and one inspirational moment I would have to say working with Cate Townsend

She is a truly wonderful artist (check her out or you’ll be missing something). I believe she bubbled me in the middle of our collaboration and told me she was so spirit filled with compassion and empathy in our collaboration of Stolen Child that she felt she had to stop from her heart breaking, the work had consumed her… This moment I was filled with a deeper compassion and understanding… of true art and true spirit … for the message we were carrying I have never felt so deeply about any other work or with any other artist in collaboration and I wrote her Standing In the Whispers. I was inspired to comfort her and my spirit and encompassed in the work it was of truly spiritual nature a beautiful release and experience.

Show & tell: What three works or people on redbubble have moved or inspired you?

I will list a I am pushing my favorite works and artists please allow me “Breaking Free” by Sean Farragher
He is a truly gifted photographer and artist

Breaking Free

This represents to me the darkness of our spirit breaking free and I am a person who is in recovery… I always have to watch my darkness; she lingers…

Solareclips aka Julie Her beautiful spirit shines in showing us God’s creation, however small, in a new and wondrous light…

Wonderful Bonita – bamagirl38 The spiritual cheerleader of the bubble. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled… seeing this piece always give me peace and joy in spirit… and heart

Leah Hyland and her so talented work Metamorphosis I love changing and growing spiritually for the better and this piece represents that to me in it’s entirety.

Raven Soul – her magically dark pieces allow us to see what is in us all check out Despair

And finally Shree who is entirely unique in style and pre vision of spirit and practicing the Golden Rule in his walk – this is another wonderful piece

Please check these artists out and their beautiful spirits!!!!
Thank you for asking me to do this I truly feel grateful and flattered.

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