Charles Adkison

Arcata, United States

`Like hot air Ballooning, aka. good friends & adventure / `Love solid music, loath contrived music. / `Awesome to watch doing any...

Once I gave myself permission to be an artist. Now, however
I’m so much more bold, I have given myself permission to do any
non-paying skill that requires an overt amount of time. Picking up
more skills in life equals choosing to put some things down. After
years of hauling around self imposed titles I found there
lustrous weightiness to be a backache.

Titles weigh to much considering they don’t achieve anything
outside of justifying vanity. Surrendering the diamond plated name
badge staled me as a not so important guy who enjoys doing art
sometimes. ohh it rides much nicer than my old show horse. So
knowing I am no longer pretending to be important; come see some
projects I did. just because.

Oh, as for My bio….What should a guy say?
Biggest trait bout me is I’m that guy who Had his life put back to
together by that Jewish God who is not supposed to exist. Only
now I’m ruined. No really, this Swiss army knife got some tools
forcefully taken out, and upgrades painfully installed. He ruined
me for, one dimensional living, For a life without : Fascination,
Un-explainable interaction, Solid Hope, or any normal part of life
outside of Knowing Him. The neediness of the daily “have to
have’s” in life, I spouse I’m also ruined for that. Immediate
Have to haves bartered with my dependency so aggressively
before, yet now I don’t regret lacking.

A better introduction would have been:

Hello my name is Charles, I am a God-oholic, and I’m not tired of
it yet. Who would have guessed, I could not live without what I
always hadn’t had before.

Just for proper posterity, can’t tell you how shocking it was to
have God interject in this foolish life of mine, moreover the shock of
Him overtly endorsing Jesus (you know, the one who we thought
just to be a mid-evil statue of ideas that branched off the old
religion) It’s all so different than I could have guessed. So much
more than circumstantial pressure would lead me towards.

My name must have been ‘eyes wide shut’. Now I’m the one who
kinda pisses you off, saying, open your eyes, you’ll never let
anything break your sight of This Father of life again.

If my journey rubs you wrong.
Might be awful to hear, might wish your heart didn’t some how
know it was true (despite our opposing education). People rolling
in ridiculous love always fray a nerve when the heart sees no hope
of diving into a stupid love of its own. If my confidence in Jesus
being alive is so… prove me wrong. Be brave enough to tell Him
What u never said, honest about what He must already know.
Beg Him to open your eyes, If God is who He would have to be,
He will Honor that.

  • Joined: October 2011
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