James Cameron's Avatar Rant

I’m tired of this! How many people saw Avatar? How many people saw it and LOVED it? I am one of those people. I proudly love it, hugging onto my tee shirt, poster and action figure I will be one of the first people to defend it. But I am tired of all these people digging into it like it’s something more then a movie! I am tired of popping onto the yahoo homepage and seeing another article about the alleged racism in avatar, how the pope hates avatar, the nature elments in avatar. The thing that pissed me off the most was the racisim comment. The whole White Messiah fable, or whatever nonsense. Does it make me a white supremesist if I am rooting for a white protaganist? Does it make me racist if I vote against a nonwhite antagonist? NO! It does not. Hollywood wants you to root for the prot…


Thanks to the Major Gleeks out there, I am at my second $100 mark! So thank you to all that have bought my tees’ you are the best! :D

Almost there...again

I’m almost to my second $100! This feels amazing! :D I’m about 23 dollars away, so hopefully I get there soon. :D

Thanks to all the buyers of my teeshirts, you are the best! :D

December has been....

A good month for me, I have sold many shirts! :D I love it, I have sold 4 ‘I hate Twilight’ tee shirts, that makes me very happy that some (4) people hate it. :D

My First Paycheck :D

I just received my first Redbubble paycheck! I must say they are fantastic with the delivery dates, right on time. I am incredibly high from the happiness right now, it’s so wonderful. I really must thank everyone, and I mean absolutely everyone. Major thanks to those who have purchased, those who have commented, even those of you who have viewed but haven’t left a comment. Thanks to you all! :)

Oh Fantastic!

I just sold two tee shirts, one Harry Potter, one of the coffee tee. I can only hope it was the same person, it made me so very happy! :D

Another Sale

Another sale of inappropriate comment, thank you very much mystery buyer! I’m very, very glad people like that one so much! It’s my most popular design. :D

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