I am Amphibian


The end is the beginning.
An apoplectic world where people sinned,
and kept on sinning.
There was land then,
That land back when,
we stood upon, and listened to the wind…
wondering, if we’d ever see each other…again.

Then it came.
Blistering storm.
Hell on earth…erupted.
Blackened and scorched, we walked from the rubble
from the debris.
The mushroom clouds,
nearly pulled…the life…out of me.

Who was I to hate.
Who was I to win.
A pagan, drifting, from personal sin.
I alone, and my Godhead-friend.

That was then, this is now.


Warning. The Earth is drifting.
The sun gone down.
Neither Socrates, nor Plato could have shown
these advanced stages of Holocaust.
What does heat and flame do to ice?
Exactly what it’s always done—it melts
and the polar caps now thawn.

Here I am, drifting…alone on my boat?

I am amphibian.
Diving into water, the harmonic resonance of time,
drips beads…into
my underwater world.

I am not alone.
Alone in sorrow, yes,
but most have transformed,
into vain glory:
post apoplectic storm.

Men, woman, and children,
in every available form
pitted against one another.
Even the righteous fight the righteous
my mechanisms are more.
they, for some reason act faster,

my sword traded to the sea,
for technology and blaster.
mechanisms that leave those behind.
but even I…am not without fault.

The spinning gyro of sails,
and massive corruption of mind,
leads me to run,
rather than fight.
It doesn’t matter,
because, whether I run, or whether I fight,
I believe, my curiosity is right.

Sentenced to death in a miry furnace,
you know me, I was the one who transformed first.
In the blast furnace of atomic fire,
the radioactive heated flashes of invisible barbed wire.
Yet, the oceanic tide saved me.
The force of waves pounded over land,
they washed me away.

More severe, were the burns to my throat.
A fiery Hell.
A burnt breath, I exhaled.
Almost as quick as the burns burnt breath,
heat cauterized flesh.
Oceans enlarged by polar caps thawn,
flooded over land.
Icy and cold, salt water mingled with fresh,
these two waters combined
quenched and cauterized flesh.

Most that survived the Atomic furnace
witnessed the seven seas merge into one.
They flooded over our souls,
Rushing in current from the North,
and South Poles.
But not all survivors are like me.
they remain the same,
I…have changed.

I have gills.
They allow me to breath
Under the sea.
They allow me to live, like no human before,
And only a few after
the atomic furnace tore…at reality.

Through oxygen tank, and through mask,
people before, glimpsed, into the past.
What in the present, the future,
what at last, has it done?
It has submerged a world in water,
and pitted man against friend.


I found myself drifted to land.
A traumatized atmosphere, I feel,
I must withstand.
People stare.
Not because I am different.
The overpopulated city of tomorrow,
Leaving just enough dirt on which the city’s people can stand.

I am there for a purpose,
There is barter to fare,
But when I’ve got what I want.
It’s time…I must go.
These city folk wont let me leave,
they all follow.

Entrenched…these people must play.
Heresy and madness.
I fight for life,
they, fight for death.
Death was not found.
The pain, the weapons, the suffering,
the sound.
Don’t these people realize,
drifting in the salt saturated sea,
there much bigger enemy than me.

Penultimate, the moment before death.
A shout bursts from the lips,
A man has seen the enemy.
This enemy, in the form of man.
Screaming a sound sickened tune,
the usurping flotilla merges to land.
Soldiers aground.

The wise falter, blasters blaze.
Man killing man, and, the changed-form.
In this future world…this is the normal
State of affairs.
But firebombs and scorn, won’t ever compare,
to the mushroom fire’s ultimate form.

My memory is clouded.
I think.
Creature, from the black lagoon,
you…are my friend.
You will never look like a man…again…
But you…may never have been, a man?
Then my consciousness floats,
back to the land.
In an overpopulated city of sin,
The guns, the blasters, and scorn.
Just punishment,
For these peoples’,
regard to dissassemble human life.

Through fate, I escape
onto my boat.
It’s mechanical structure, willing itself
Out in the ocean, I feel at home.
But there’s a strange presence,
a stow away, she is beautiful.
She talks, and yes…she is like me.
A changed-form.


Killing is hard.
Salt liquid water, mingled with fresh,
the water, it slides down the flesh.

Intense, even submerged, the eyesight of death,
breathes its liquid breath.

She and I, forage in the depths.
A darkened water, I find it…
a lure…a meps.
This must once have been land,
now like most of the world, it is covered…
by the sea.

A post apoplectic Adam and Eve.
A sister, my muse, my ultimate sieve.


Like a slap in the face, we dare not disgrace.
The enemy of mankind shows his face.
A flying machine, bombing my boat.
Through faith, and everlasting, lost virtue,
my blaster in hand, and yes, my mechanisms master.
I blast…faster…and faster.

An unruly crazy sort, and washed by the feet,
with oil…from a leprous box…of alabaster, and wheat.
He seems determined, like he’s never been sermoned
to honor thy father, and honor and love thy mother.
It tis a shame for him, the airship can’t hover.

Flying in circles, it runs into a blast,
from my blaster.
Down into the endless ocean,
It glides.
A washout of sort,
The aircraft skips—like a flat stone—
into the distance.
Its pilot now bait for the fishes.
We watch from afar,
and see the uncommon thing;
The beast, a smell putrid and vile,
came north down the Nile.
It swam east, through a long forgotten canal.
The beast, come for the feast.
And in the wake of the hour,
It leaves nothing left to devour.
It eats plane, pilot, and all…


It’s night now. She sleeps,
masterful, her beauty beside me.
A vision in eye, now I too…
fell asleep.

In sleep I have a vision.
I see the great creature.
It swallows the souls of mankind.
Filtering them through its gigantic teeth, like a wale,
and the creel, of the sea.

I awaken in a bubble of glass.
Electric light illuminates,
A glimpse of the past.
Downward I fall.
I see cities, not one but them all,
submerged in water.

A beast, an indestructible creature,
with this one, undesirable feature.
It gets close. I feel its liquid breath,
sifting silt, sand, and the souls of mankind
through its filtering teeth
Water currents twirling around.
The dream dissolves; I return.
I, am safe in my bubble.
My dream, like the great telescope Hubble,
shows me distant space,
shows me the evil’s face.
It’s not Posideon, wherein the sea,
he has forever residen.
It’s not Medusa, nor Methusala.
It’s the face in the mirror.
It is the face of a man.
And, the face…of a woman.


I awake, and yes, she is beautiful.
We the changed-form, have transversed the norm.
My lips, and my neck, opening, and closing of gills.
We breath air, and water.
In a world neglect of fire,
The only heat is that of the sun, and desire.
She sees it. Flare of my cheek.
How her beauty makes me weak.
She knows, puddy in her hand,
I become…a fish…she can land.
An incredible turn of events,
within me an internal fire.
we both—give in,
to the great…desire.


Tis not safe for us.
Wicked men will always fear
what they don’t understand.
Here, here, Justice and shouts, for the wisest man.

Our thoughts were too late.
When we went to get on with our way,
The bad men await.
They have their mission,
An age old rendition,
If forever is lost, the days of civilized man,
I might not have run. I might have used my blaster,
against gun.

I wished she was hid, as we both,
gently slid, into the water
The human nets surrounded us, and she was engulfed.
I found an entangled hole in the net.
The unholy men caught her in deceit.
I feared it too late.
Knowing, if she were fully human, she would soon be mangled
by lust and by greed.

It felt. I strangled
as I caught on to their boat.
And held tight, as the propeller, propelled it afloat.


I ascended onto the flotilla of hate.
Emerged from the water, like a hairless gurella.
In my might I placed future events,
into order.
I climbed, and I climbed
The blistered and battered steel,
remnants from an age,
that now…seemes…before time.

The crucible, gluttons of hate gathered
they were all in one place aboard the floatilla.
Crowding, and fighting,
Most were still human, they will drown in their hate.

There she is my Eve, prepared, by Satan’s daughter;
to be one, and all, in Satan’s slaughter.
I make a move, graceful and smooth.
The daughter of Satan, Hell’s grace awaiten.
Instead, an angle -like me-
throws her to the sea.

A twist of fait,
for that woman got ate,
by the Hell for which most people await.

Feeding their face, trans-fat, makes them fat.
Their laziness a disgrace.
Ugly leather, their look turns face.

Throw out the sweeps, carry this barge.
But wait, their is an angel at large.

I have TNT in hand, me and my Eve…we…make a stand.
Because the flotilla…carried…
hydrogen from land.
I light the fuze.
Disregard the boombstick, and put,
The count down into place.
She and I, my sister, my lover, and muse, we must make haste.
Into the sea, we dive, deeper and deeper,
hoping to get away from this foregone,
Atomic fire’s…creeper.


In a world of water, fire blazes high.
Brimstone and death, again light the sky.
A new Holocaust,
Electrical barbed wire, invisible death that can fly.
This time we hid deep in the sea.
Hoping water would insulate her
and her arms would insulate me.
I knew for better or worse, she, was the key.

I’ve thrown the hook, the bait in place,
Mankind has himself, given in to disgrace.
There are things in this life, worth fighting for,
a family, a child, a husband, a wife.
There are things, and things, no more.
But in the aftermath of Atomic fury,
Blast furnace and chemical flames
Shooting heated scorching death
higher and higher,
Who will survive Satan’s fire,
to be fed like Creel of the sea
to an ancient inorganic Leviathan?
Only time and Death, will tell.

I am Amphibian

Gary Oram, Jr.

Dillon, United States

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Artist's Description

The premeses here is Gluttony, and WWIII, leading to evolution. With initial strike, the polar ice caps melt, and the radioactive pollution in the atomosphere evolved mankind. There is also a deeper tale with Leviathan, and Satan taking on seperate individualities.


charm future

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  • Ushna Sardar
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