Titanic Artifact Exhibit

This exhibit recently closed in Denver. What an amazing and obsessive day! Each person receives a passenger’s ticket upon entry that is the name of an actual passenger upon the Titanic. You get to find out at the end of the exhibit if your passenger survived or not. There were many artifacts recovered from the bottom of the ocean on display here. The most compelling were those also linked with a personal story or witness account.

My name was Mrs. John Sage (Annie Elizabeth Cazaly-Sage), age 44. She boarded with her husband and 9 children, immigrating to Florida from England for a new life. Her husband had purchased a farm intending to grow fruit and pecans. None of them arrived in Florida. Very few entire families perished, but Annie and her entire family did die together. They were travelling in third class, where most people who perished were located.

Annie’s body was never recovered, but a witness indicated that the family was seen on deck shortly before the “end.” It is possible that they were awaiting a life boat when the Titanic sunk. One of the apparent travesties of this event was the lack of lifeboats. A Director of the White Star Line that built the Titanic was onboard. He is said to be responsible for the LACK of lifeboats, but guess who was evacuated on a half-full lifeboat? This very Director. I wondered how he felt as one of the living -knowing the rest of his life of those who died? I also wonder if I would have been a coward in the same situation, I hope not… I wish to be like Benjamin Guggenheim onboard, “We’ve dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.” He also gave a survivor a message saying, “If anything should happen to me, tell my wife I’ve done my best in doing my duty.”

After returning home, we googled the names and discovered many more fascinating stories as well as incredible photographs of the Titanic’s Atlantic Maiden Voyage before its encounter with the infamous iceberg.

Children in Peterborough, England honor the Sage family to this day when learning about the Titanic. They even pay respects to the Sage family’s last known address.

Grateful to see that nearly 100 years later, these lives are well known and honored!

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