Summer (full version)

That summer was a long one. The trees were strangely bare, as though the hot sun had burnt all remaining life off the rough limbs. The air was still and humid, each day longer than the next. The moment you took a step outside into the harsh rays of the cruel sun, the heat would hit you like a gust of burning air. You squint as your eyes got used to the bright, and as you lift your hand to shade your eyes from the harsh sunlight, you remember the reason behind that first step outside.

He smiled at the thought of that summer, but regained consciousness back to reality of this moment. He realised how hot it was for such a simple autumn and searched desperately for a way to escape the heat. There he stood, in his suit and tie, amongst all the others, all dressed up, so put together. With all the black suites and pretty white dresses, all the dull colours morphing into one, made the once pretty room seem bland and quite boring. He took a sip from the cool, long champagne glass in his hand and looked out the door into the warm sunny day, attempting to avoid any conversation. The last thing he wanted was a dull conversation regarding how beautiful the bride looked, how fabulous the groom’s vowels were – how perfect they are for each other.

As he stood there scowling at the perfect little wedding in his mind, staring out of the clear clean glass door, a familiar hand grabbed his and pulled him outside into the warmth of the pretty day. The cool hand whisked him away – as it always did – across the green grass into a small white room with a dressing table full of some sort of unknown make up products and a long mirror. She sat him down and smiled her beautiful smile – the smile he had missed so dearly over the past years of her absence. His face smiled a small smile back; but not at her happiness, at the memories of her innocence. Not a word was spoken between the two as they sat there smiling at one another, still hand in hand.
“You look beautiful” He said softly. He didn’t want to be the one to break the ice, but he knew it was his obligation to do so. He felt rather guilty staring into the eyes of a newly married woman. No matter how well he knew her.
She giggled and replied “Isn’t this just bizarre? Who would’ve thought?” He faked a smile back to her comment, but didn’t make eye contact. His hand slid out from her grasp and he positioned his body facing the wall rather than at her elegant white dress.
She licked her stunning pink lips, the lips he so desperately wanted to embrace, as she got up briskly and shuffled through a dirty yellow handbag. “Now I brought you here for a reason my dear Olli” still searching through her handbag, obviously having trouble finding whatever it was she was looking for. She let out a small leap of excitement as she whispered for him to close his eyes. He did as he was ordered. And as she moved across the room, he felt her dress of purity sway past him. He could smell her delicate sent trail behind her beautiful body as she took a seat next to him once again. He opened his eyes as she calmly placed a small napkin in the palm of his hands. He nervously looked into her sweet blue eyes. She smiled and looked down at the napkin in his hands and started to unravel it.
“Now I found these in Perth and knew I had to buy them for us” She revealed two copper rings with small black patterns on them. He picked one up and studied it quite attentively. He realised the familiarly and looked down at her neck. There sat the memorable necklace.

The day of her departure he woke early. It was one of those days that seemed hotter than they really were, and seem to stick in your mind, triggered by another sweaty hot one. He didn’t want to seem too keen, although got dressed and out of his house so briskly. Thinking of the early hour, he decided to take the long way to her house, along the lakeside. As he walked along the lake he tried not to think of how things would be when she left. Nothing would be the same.
Once he had walked toward the half-way point, he stopped under a big gum tree directly opposite an old broken windmill. He pressed his back against the big gum tree’s cool trunk. It seemed to hug him as he sat there throwing the unwanted twigs into the lake. It was as though the big gum tree didn’t want these twigs. Even though they were once part of it, once used, they were simply brushed them off as though they were meaningless. Just as the lake refused to swallow the twigs, leaving them merely lingering on the soft ripples of the lake’s surface.
He observed the old windmill which had been there for as long as he could remember. He couldn’t imagine the lakeside without it. He remembered his father’s tales of youthful rebellion; he would climb the broken windmill, scraping his knees, getting dirty. Even though it didn’t work, it still belonged to this little town, it just fit in. He, however, did not. He never saw himself as a farmer, let alone a future in this little town. He envied the thought of noisy streets, cool shadowed cities, and crowds.

Quite some time had passed, so he staggered to his feet and wiped the sweat from his forehead. As he walked out from the gum trees cool shadow, the heat hit him once again. The shadows were long and dark in the heat. They seemed to creep on forever. Each step he made towards her lovely house, the sun rose higher in the sky. The grass was as long as the shadows seemed to be and the birds were flying lower than usual.

He could see her house in the distance. The weatherboards were painted a dreary purple colour, with yellow window stills and a big blue door. The yellow roses between the three steps towards the front door were withering in the heat. He opened the door and let himself in. The house was empty, yet full of big brown boxes, which towered over him and intimidated him. Her mother poked her head out from behind one of the boxes.
“Olli, darling, how are you?” He smiled but did not respond. “She’s upstairs. She’s a little upset darl, would you talk some sense into her please?” He nodded and headed for the staircase “I know you’re the man for the job” She placed her hand on his shoulder and caught his eye as he walked sluggishly past her.

There she was, sitting in her window still staring out. She looked emotionless as she stared out of her window, overlooking most of their little town. As she heard him close the door and shuffle into her bright yellow room, she rapidly turned and ran towards him, throwing her arms around his body and wept. He hugged her back but did not weep, for he knew was the right man for the job.
As she pulled herself together she walked over to her bedside table and exclaimed “I have something for you.” He walked over to her bed and slowly sat down as she whispered for him to close his eyes. He did as he was told. He did not peak until she calmly placed a small napkin in the palm of his hands. He unraveled the napkin and found two copper pendants with small black patterns attached to string. She picked one up and put it around his neck.
“Now you will know you are forever mine and I am forever yours.”

He put the ring on his pinkie finger, as it was the only finger it would fit.
“Can you believe I found these? They’re exactly the same. You better be wearing your necklace Olli.” She jumped at his neck and there sat her simple copper necklace he hadn’t taken off since the moment she left him alone in their small town.
He suddenly felt a cool breeze and she vigorously turned her head to her left. There stood her handsomely tall husband.
“You startled me!” She proclaimed as she stood up and embraced her handsomely tall husband.
“Now I hope you’re not stealing my woman already Olli.” The husband was one of those men with the horrible jokes. The kind of jokes men laugh at out of pity of the man who had the courage to make such a horrible joke, but the women would laugh for his perfect smile, his handsome face and his sleek hair.
He got to his feet and looked at the ground, feeling rather awkward staring at the couple embracing one another. Once they stopped and turned to him, the handsomely tall husband started rambling, with no interest in what the husband was saying, he couldn’t help but think how did it come to this? There she stood, beautiful as always. It was so simple, yet so complicated. A ring around her finger, another man holding on tight. He could understand that taut grasp the husband had around her. He knew the husband could see it in his eyes. The jealousy, the resent – ‘how dare you’ – his eyes scream.
Although, deep down he always knew it would come to this. The moment she left him with a necklace, just a pitiful little necklace. He understood. They were only young back then. Her skin so soft, her touch so pure, their love so innocent.
Innocence. The time of virtue.

The time she visited after her three years of absence didn’t go as he had expected. He ran home from his temporary job to make sure he was home before her. So he could greet her, and be the first to hug her elegant petite body, and smell her graceful sent.
Whilst running down his street all he could think of was holding her once again. He was running the fastest he had ever ran before, he didn’t notice the heat, nor the smile creeping along his face. And as he got to his front gate, he saw her chatting with his mother, as she once had years before, out on the front veranda. He ran up the steps and embraced her, he held her so tight she squeaked. It was like the trill of holding your breath under water for so long, that first gasp of air, the relief. As he let her go, they smiled and laughed at each others shiny faces and took in each others beauty.

After his mother’s afternoon tea, they sat together out in the veggie patch, in the shade. Her pretty red floral dress sat perfectly on her legs as she rested her hips on her side, leaning on one arm, picking at the grass with the other.
He would never forget the words she said after they had shared all they could remember, of the time they spend apart.
“Olli” she proclaimed, quite quietly. She had his complete attention, as she always did. “I met someone”. There was silence. The birds went on chirping, and the dog went on barking, but the silence burnt into the words ‘someone’. Nothing was running through his mind, he searched for something to say, yet not one word came. He sat there, knowing this day would come, but so unaware of how to understand what it actually meant. It had been three years of absence, and he loved her more and more each day. How she managed to love someone else more and more each day was beyond him.
“I love him”

“Well, my love, it seems it is time for us to leave” her handsomely tall husband kissed her on her perfect lips and lead her outside to say their goodbyes. Olli sat there, staring at the ground, dejected.
“Come, Olli. You must say goodbye” He looked up at her as he slowly got to his feet and tread out into the garden to join the rest of the guests. The newly wedded couple gracefully kissed everyone they loved goodbye and stepped into their white car.
She walked up to him last, and took his hands. She smiled and kissed him delicately on his lips, he trembled with fear. She did not smile, she stared plainly at him, and almost looked poignant. “Never forget me Olli. Please, never forget me” She kissed him once again on the lips and gently turned her back and walked away.

He watched the white car, drive away into the distance, as the crowd cheered happily, and clapped and laughed. He watched her car, drive off into the distance, like he did the first time she left him.

After several minutes of watching nothing, he began the think. In the midst of all that is unknown, he remembers the innocence, and oh how it was bliss. But now, now he knows he must understand she will never touch him the way she touches her handsome husband. She will never kiss him the way he dreams. She will never love him the way he wanted her to.

So, he wiped the sweat dripping from his forehead and began to walk toward his car. He then realised, it’s always fucking hot in this town.

Summer (full version)


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