Hang on by Goldenspirit Junior 1 Week  by Goldenspirit Puff the Magic Dragon by Goldenspirit Happy Now by Goldenspirit " Dude " by Goldenspirit

Starting Over

When two people meet and hearts skip a beat. / It all feels so good and all feels so neat. / To trip into each other, this gifted by fate. …
How,s this dad by Goldenspirit


I crave you now/warm and wet/pant and groan/there you lie


Engulf my cravings. / Nourish me with your beauty. / Tenderly holding, kiss me. / Lips savoring every succulent morsel. / Embracing a rose…
Sunset Between the Trees by Goldenspirit


The scent of you that enticingly lingers. / The sweet fragrant rain stained air. / As the warmth of cooling embers lie on my heart.
Golden Joy by Goldenspirit Blueboy by Goldenspirit

Hold My Hand

My hand is cold, my path alone. / Hold it now and walk me home. / My heart beats a love for you. / Its oh so nice if you want me to. / A ye…
To the Soul by Goldenspirit

Sexless Lifeless Mother

What will happen with all this birth./ While politicians chuckle and sip on there teas./ Say your goodbyes hide your face in shame.
She,s my sister by Goldenspirit White Star. by Goldenspirit


Strange why some people want to fight. / But fight a pointless fight for what. / A piece of another persons mind. / You can never own someo…

Sexy Lady

Oh my fair lady gifted by fate. / So nice a meet or was it a date. / You smelt wonderful, so enticingly sweet. / The perfume of your soft b…
Natures Beauty by Goldenspirit

Rainbow Lovers.

Caress me softly./ I delicately unfold you./ As the petals are shed. / Your underlying beauty. / Opens for me.


Curling twirling whizzing round. / To be crumpled crushed ./For when you open and gaze at me. / Theres still a place in life for me.
macaw 10 weeks by Goldenspirit

Immortal Love

Dance with me my princess. / As i take you to a place of carnal desire. / To float through dawn mists charged with the eroticism of life. …


Whilst some buy a pretty pair of shoes./ A life of cruel twists and contradictions.
Mercury Rising by Goldenspirit Bedtime. by Goldenspirit Grumpy. by Goldenspirit

Song of Sex

As your honey nourishes me./ As i lie naked writhing./ Anoint me with your perfume.
Timeless Struggle by Goldenspirit How Much. by Goldenspirit


Like a helpless moth drawn to a flame. / A temptress that’s naked i see every day. / Playtime begins and its really quite shocking. /…
Macaw 7 Weeks by Goldenspirit


Trust is gained by truth. / As bricks laid in a wall. / A treasure we all seek. / For without the wall will fall./ For the truth to shine. …
Beauty Lies Within by Goldenspirit

Cyber Friends.

When nothings written and i’m at days end. / All seems quiet without any friends. / No one to comment and say you done well. / Sad yo…
Halloween Delights by Goldenspirit Macaw 5 Weeks by Goldenspirit

Blood Craving

The thirst to feed, fresh blood calls./ Sweet tender neck to sink my teeth.

Falling Stone

Like a stone falling. / Inevitable the impact. / It has no choice where it will land. / On feathers or broken glass. / What would be worse.…
There Out There by Goldenspirit You don't Scare Me by Goldenspirit


Why do people believe what there told. / I dont. / Some people lie. / Why cant people think for themselves. / I do. / Some dont they just …

Two Hearts

From within us a force reaches. / A trick nature teaches. / The call of one heart to another. / That longing for that special lover. / It …


Take me now, challenge me bravely. / Left behind those old burdens. / Wrench me from this /
Junior 3 weeks. by Goldenspirit


Your love is like ivy. / Gripping entwining forever tightening sinewy hold. / No escape for someone so mesmerized. / Like a rabbit held inv…
Quills by Goldenspirit

Sweet Dreams

Talk to me thrill me play loves sweet end game. / Touch me caress me let your tongue freely roam./ / Your senses so moist,
Pink Spring by Goldenspirit macaw 9 weeks by Goldenspirit Macaw 6 Weeks by Goldenspirit

Freedom Lies Deep

The thickest walls of a castle cannot imprison your spirit. / Your innermost thoughts holds the key to all your freedoms. / Unlock from wit…

Broken Glass.

The day is meaningless. / Lost in a song of silence. / As words are all gone. / Used for there purpose. / Can the silence be broken. / Reki…
Big Boy by Goldenspirit

L is

Love is………..always needed. / Generously given. / But never enough to go round.
New Wing. by Goldenspirit

Smoking Gun

Behind your back, veiled no one could tell. / The gun you carried was hidden so well. / You didn’t have to draw it to rob me blind. /…

Whale Wars and Rats

Theres something in this world that just is not right. / While whales in the sea run and take flight. / From the Orientals that kill them a…
Shipwrecked by Goldenspirit Giant Climb for the Blue. by Goldenspirit


As two leaves grew side by side. / Exotically dancing in lifes design. / Fondling each other in the summer breeze. / Seemingly transfixed b…

Riddle of Life.

If life beckons and the promise of tomorrow shouts so loud. / Why do’s all around seem so quiet. / I sit here alone and hear the b…

Fickle Finger.

How the precious gift of life can be influenced. / One silly mistake can echo through the corridors forever. / Oh how the fickle finger of …

Places For Aces

Don’t count on aces to win hearts. / As a card game love is not. / But games of love are won by hearts. / As the king and queen stay …

Lost Jewel.

When all seems lost. / The desert seems harsh. / But a diamond. / Strewn in time. / Sparkled brightly. / In gentle moonbeams. / Such a beau…

Hidden Treasure

Sometimes the most precious and beautiful flower lays hidden. / Seek it out as it beholds such wondrous pleasures to all senses. / The disc…


I have a clean conscience. / Some have no conscience. / Has evolution stripped it. / Or a mental disorder. / I feel sad for the cold. / In …


As i pace this fine earth all alone. / Oh no, not another i hear you groan. / I see the sun and moon and stars above. / Up there harmony a …
Electric Fairy by Goldenspirit


When you desire so much. / And want for so little. / Life can become a blur. / As hearts beat out of tune.

Quickie. (Erotic)

Dare i dream Madame. / If i was your one man. / I’d wanna hold ya. / And do the best i can. / I’d kiss your sweet lips. / Cares…


No greater need for love, no greater war to win. / Than a broken heart with so much love therein. / For that heart weeps the loudest for lo…

I Remember

Caressed so softly./ I put tears of joy in your eyes. / For the beauty and magnificence you brought to each and every one of those.

The Haunting Past.

My heart lies broken along with another. / Some one so sweet i hoped for my lover. / For her i do feel the saddest of sad. / As things in h…

Love this Christmas.

I wish that i was nestled cozy with my love. / So bless unto me the wings of a swift dove. / To soar me high straight to her place. / So i …
Hard work. by Goldenspirit Solved. Button for recliner. by Goldenspirit

Miss you Miss

Miss is a funny word. / Often said often heard. / I only miss you miss when your not there. / So come to me miss, its only fair. / Stay an…
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