Tim Bolotnikoff Art Nude Series

This series of photographs were done in 2003. Location? The Spit in Southport on the Gold Coast. I actually found this location whilst scouting out this part of the Gold Coast .. it was private because you had to go over a huge ‘sand hill’ as such to get to it. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and the sun was absent in all the photos yet this (honestly to me) didn’t take away from the photographs.

I will admit that it was indeed a windy day.. and not in a “ooh.. that’s a nice soothing breeze” type of way either! You will notice my nipples are erect.. for a reason ! hahaha.

Plus any shots we did involving the fence we had to do discreetly. There were plenty of times when I would quickly duck down or out of the way so we wouldn’t be discovered. Unfortunately, the Gold Coast has no “clothing optional” beaches that I am privy thus the reasons I didn’t want to get the photographer (Tim) nor myself “in trouble”.

All it would’ve taken is one person to alert the police or something and no more shoot. Luckily, as I mentioned, I found a good spot.

Please enjoy these photographs. If you feel inspired to comment, please do as I always enjoy and welcome comments.

The best compliment, for me personally, is to purchase any of the photographs……….. naturally.

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