Joined September 2015

We have been called together to make a difference. / We are empowering, gathering strength and inspiring each other. / We are co-creating...


“….I’m excited that my art will be featured in the month of May as a collaboration with writer Susan Harris (her quote appears on top) along with many other very talented women within the completed calendar. … The mastermind behind this whole project is Anna Asche who not only did all the “producing and editing” but is also a featured artist!" Lesley R. C.

“Anna Asche is doing such a phenomenal job putting this project together!!! Her pairing of Sophia Shenandoah poem with my painting is perfect!” Jo Lyn U.

“A forever gift, I AM an artist of my life. My precious and holy visual moment paired with her precious and holy words, like a prayer. The day I snapped this was just another one of my PRESENT moments that has GIFTED me. Yes, this will be in a calendar to come, a journal cover (a dream come true) and maybe a few other things….stay tuned. Namaste Anna Asche, dream catcher, visionary, Ageless Goddess.” Melissa D.-D.

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