student assignment-designer profile *Georgie*

1. Introduce the designer.
Aaron Booth is 31 years old and lives in Sydney Australia-small world! He joined Redbubble in 2006 and since has made some pretty awesome t-shirt designs. " I draw things for fun. I have a background in comic book illustration and general computer nerdery but I enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques."

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2. Type of work they do.
Aaron’s work is quite fun and the majority of his works are things he has drawn, there are two that i’ve found that are photographs. The styles alter from t-shirt to t-shirt giving the buyer a wide range out of one designers works. His t-shirts are fun, visual, quirky, strange, some are agressive and show rebellion but overall they are unique and personal.

3. What is appealing about it
The thing i find appealing about this one work is that, to me it shows life. There are many different photographs in a grid and they all look to be like happy moments, which is what everyone has in there lives so this t-shirt design captures just the happiness in life and even whilst looking at it gives me a smile because i feel i can relate to some of the memories in the photographs and connect them with my own life.

4.Sample of their work, and description.
The photos look quite awesome all put together in the grid and he has given you an option of having the t-shirt in black and white photographs or in colour. The black and white one is plain but shows that life can look plain but be quite colourful with the memories, whereas the colourful one shows as soon as you look at it that it wants you to be happy and show emotions. Either way i think this t-shirt is pretty radical and i wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one, or even getting ideas from it to create my own t-shirt filled with amazing memories from my life, when you wear it you’ll feel close to your memories of the past all the time.

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