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My passion in life is to create art that pulls the viewer into a place where they are able to take a moment and simply, enjoy. Thank you...


On Display!!

I’m very excited to tell you all that While Away Bookstore in Roseburg, Oregon USA is showing my art on their walls! It is soon to be sold from there as well. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged me as I continue growing in my art and thanks to While Away Bookstore who is displaying my art!!!

How Creating Art Has Helped Me With Panic Disorder

How Creating Art Has Helped Me With Panic Disorder…

By Jess Meacham

Panic disorder is when a person has ongoing panic attacks. A panic attack is the sudden onset of fear which can culminate in symptoms such as hyperventilation, chest pain and uncontrollable screaming to name a few. The amygdala is the part of the brain which sets off alarms in our body in case of danger triggering our “fight or flight” response. What happens with panic attacks is that the brain is overloaded with these responses which are meant to help a person survive. However, with panic disorder they are started with “triggers” usually from a past trauma and are essentially an inappropriate response at that time considering the danger is no longer present. My panic attacks are generally caused by certain triggers l

Holiday Cleaning

I have to say I do like the new carousels that show more work so I am cleaning up my portfolio in hopes of making it cleaner and better for cross sales. However, what that means is I’ve consolidated workes such as iphone cases so they are on the same works entry as the prints in a lot of cases. So I have lost some of the wonderful comments people have left for me. If you want I’d love it if you’d add them again! Also I’d really appreciate feedback on how it all looks this way. Thanks everyone!!

Sold my First shirt!!

I see everyone else doing thank yous for the sales which I think is a great idea so here’s the last two sales I made and a HUGE Thank You!!! to the people who bought them!! It has really made my day!!


and sold this awhile back but I am just as grateful to the persone who bought it =D


Thank you so much for liking and supporting my artworks!! ~Jess

Hey check out my friends creations!

Hey so my friend Nancy has MS and she makes these wonderful crafty things like machine washable bread baskets beautiful framed cross stitch art and those hangers to stuff plastic bags in things like that they’re all so beautiful and creative and very reasonably priced considering all the hard work she puts into them it would be great if you all could go take a look at her stuff HERE:

Thanks everyone for the support for her!!

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