I have my driverslincence for the motorbike!!!

yes yes yes…. today I have taken my practical exam for a driverslicence (motorbike).
And I passed from the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy, you can’t imagine how happy I am..

Been driving for almost a year now.. so experience enough, but still… that moment … it’s just so stressy and all…
I had been driving with a small bike (125cc), you can drive it without a licence IF you already have a licence for the car for at least 2 years… so first the 125cc and it went well.. so I decided to take classes to get my licence for the motorbike…
And today I can proudly call myself a full member of the motorbike-people :)

I can now enjoy riding my motorbike without having to think about a stressy exam,
and I can drive with whatever I want now …. ’cause I have a licence :-D

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