sad news (update)

okay so I have an update on my guinea pig … and it’s a positive update :)

let me start with the beginning..
about two weeks ago I noticed him getting slimmer, but nothing to get worried about… then a couple of days ago I saw he was much too skinny and lacked his lifely energy of running around and making his pig’s noices and so on.. so I got worried..

I called the vet on Monday to explain everything and made an appointment with him
(I went Wednesday, the day you read my first journal entry on him)
There I got the sad news that he probably has a cancer-swelling in his stomach.
And he does still have a swelling in his stomach, but since he’s recovering so trumendously well… it’s unbelievable but I really do believe that all your prayers and positive thougths helped him along his healing…

The vet thinks that he was doing so badly because of a lack of vitamine C… that’s a vitamine the guinea pig needs in order to be healthy and that could have triggered him to get so skinny… not feeling well and didn’t want to eat…

But I took him inside the house on Wednesday to take extra care of him and to watch closely on how he’s doing and whether he’s eating and drinking well… I even gave him a whole orange (cut in pieces of course) and he loves it!

So by this morning his behaviour had changed into a more active piggy and he was also eating and drinking well… so when I called my vet today (he told me to contact him this evening to check on the situation) and when I told him how good my little piggy was doing .. he told me that he may very well recover from all this…

well we will have to get him checked regularly for the swelling in his stomach and so make sure that he’s not in to much pain…

My vet assured me that the fact that he recovering at the moment that is pain is reducing as well… so it’s absolutely not necessary to let him be put to sleep…

And I am so so so glad about this!
I just couldn’t image him not being around anymore.. he’s part of the family and he should for some more years so I do hope he will heal well and that he can be reunited with his friends soon, ‘cause they are all wondering where their friend’s at…

I have four bunnies and another guinea pig in the garden in a large cage
(it’s 5 metres by 4 metres and then two metres in height and there’s a net on the ground in order to prevent the bunnies to dig wholes..)

Thank you all so much for your support and I will be posting more pictures of my ‘special care’ guinea pig soon :)

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