I have the opportunity with my art work, to travel to many places, internationally and nationally.
I lead a group of people to places that are off the beaten track to observe the art of making art!
In different cultures, this can mean many different things…one of the most important, is they produce their art to have a decent lifestyle.

The work is extraordinary and very captivating…but also the landscape in other places allows me to continue taking images that will inspire me for the textile art practise that I make and exhibit around Australia.

I have been very interested in reading some of the journal entries and have been a little concernd that ‘new artists’ want instant gratification and sales!
I have been working in the arts industry for many, many years and the travels have not been an easy one.
It takes diligence, perserverance and a very strong sense of loyalty to your chosen art medium.

I have appreciated the Red Bubble concept to allow peolple to understand and see what we do. I don’t add much to comments, but do admire much of the work that is displayed.

Keep your fire burning and never give up in what you believe in.
Travel on a journey that will only give you rewards with due diligence!

Journal Comments