Update: US copyrights law and the candidates

From ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers:

On Monday, ASMP executive director Eugene Mopsik participated in a meeting with the McCain campaign’s senior policy advisor, Douglas Holtz-Eakin. The meeting was organized through the Copyright Alliance and included top executives from major producers and distributors of intellectual property.
Dr. Holtz-Eakin’s credentials are impressive. Before joining John McCain 2008 as Senior Policy Advisor, he was Director of the Congressional Budget Office for four years. He came to the CBO after eighteen months as Chief Economist for President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers. Prior to that, Holtz-Eakin was a professor and department chair of Economics at Syracuse University.
During the meeting, Holtz-Eakin stated that McCain believes strongly that intellectual property creation will be an important driver for growth in the American economy in the coming years. Mopsik and representatives of other associations brought the issue of Orphan Works to his attention, stressing the importance of copyright for independent creators. Holtz-Eakin stated that McCain intends to be a strong supporter of creators’ rights and asked for additional information on the current Orphan Works legislation and ASMP’s position.
The McCain campaign intends to issue a position paper on Intellectual Property issues. ASMP will distribute this to our members as soon as it is available.
The Copyright Alliance has arranged for a similar high-level meeting with the Obama campaign later this week.

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