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Don't Tell Me Tell My Boss

The title, what was that? A bumper sticker. Anyhow it is cuts to the point of this entry. I listed on Redbubble to up my sales figures, not because I thought RB would push the sales, just that they would give me a decent platform. They have and more, RB is also a great supportive community of fellows artists.

Now I need someody other than me to tell the boss. Yeah, the buyer, the end user, the dude who’s gonna knock a nail in the wall and hang up one of my prints. I’ve just done a Google image search for a few of my older images, “Park It”, “Little Sparrow”, “Not Coffee” all of which have been on RB for over 6 months now. If they do appear I don’t know it because I ran out of patience after the first five pages of results.
So here’s the pitch, would anybody who likes my pics (even a little) be interested in spreading the word on the www that there’s a who dude in Wiltshire who knows that he needs to remove the lens cap before taking a shot (errr well most of the time)?

I’ll reciprocate of course. I’m happy to promote other artists images and RB profiles on the greater www. Two ways I am thinking of returning the favour would be;
I write for Associated Content and I will happily do a written piece on you, your art and what makes you tick etc.

Secondly, I’m one of 6 million Stumbleupon members. I am happy to rate your Redbubble images on Stumbleupon which greatly ups the odd of your images being of being viewed by people other than fellow RB artists. Come on lets face it, a fellow photographer is far less likly to be buying your print/s than say a stay home mum/dad who really wishes, but doesn’t have the time to do pics to decorate the family home.

So in a nutshell, if you wish to form a sort of network I guess and help one another improve publicity & “searchability” on the web, amongst friends etc with a view to upping sales, let me know. I’ve laid my cards on the table, if you have more ideas on how to go about doing this by all means lets hear them.

Just in case the tone of this entry comes off as perhaps bitter, I am not. I love taking and making photographs, I love the buzz on RB and I have a day job. I have been anticipating doing this for a long time now. I am of the “If you’re going to do it, do it properly” ilk. I’d like to do this properly as well.

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