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*Widespread Harrassment of Photographers*

If like me you read any current photography magazines and blogs you will probably have read of the increasingly common harasment of photographers by members of the public as well as the authorities. I do not refer to Zimbabwe or Burma. I’m refering to the UK and US. Those last great bastions of liberalism and freedom – NOT!

Determined not to be bullied through my own ignorance, I have researched the rights and wrongs of photography as far as the law goes and published an online guide. While specifically for photographers in England and Wales, I do make references to points of difference in the US and also refer to the court hearing of Nussenzweig vs. diCorcia in the US. I also refer to the JK Rowling case or rather Murray vs. BPL.
I have included plenty of source reference so that readers can verify the information I have used.

As photographers we need to be aware of public sentiment towards us. Especially those of us who practise street photographyI Forewarned is forearmed right.

You can access the guide on Associated – the exact link is – “

Please leave your comments and especially please advise of any run-ins you may have been unfortunate enough to experienced.

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