Tennyson was right

Sunset and evening star and one clear call for me. Lord Tennyson didn’t know it at the time, but he was writing about this night in my life some 130 years later.

The dawn came early this day, as the whips of mist swept off the ocean here on the Georgia coast near Tybee Island.

I was taking my morning run with my two golden retrievers, Mike and Ike. As I rounded the bend, the dogs stopped so abruptly in front of me, that it caused me to do a Peter Pan on top of them.

Angrily, I yelled at them, “you stupid mutts, you could have gotten my neck broke. What in the name of thunder are you up to?” My answer came sooner than I had expected, because the dogs were snarling and carrying on like they were mad. Perhaps I should have taken closer heed to their reaction. I looked over the top of Ike, who placed himself between me with his butt right in my face. I shoved him away and gasped as I saw her for the first time.

Coming out of the water was the most gorgeous creature I had ever laid eyes on. I use the term creature because she had the perfect hourglass body of a woman, and the head of a fish.

“Oh hell,” I said. “I have to quit drinking gin at night. This is just plain crazy.”

For the longest moment, she just stood there in the water looking at us. I thought I saw her, or it smile. “Funny,” I thought to myself," do fish have a sense of humor? Can they smile? Now wait a minute, you fool," I thought. “Can you hear yourself? You’re talking about it as if it were human.”
I looked at that perfect body and was almost mesmerized.

Still with that smile, she started walking towards me with her arms and hands outstretched to me. Something inside me stirred, like a memory from long ago.

I reflected back on my growing up here and the tales that my grandfather and his workers told of a creature of the deep. I always dispelled them as old fogey stuff. Now here I am looking at this apparition and doubting my sanity, at least until she came so close as to touch my hand.

Jumping back like a dog caught in a trap, I nearly fell over myself. “What in the hell is going on? Who…what… are you. Do you speak?”

Quickly the spell was lifted and I was looking into the face of an angel.

“Hey, how did you do that?” I asked.

Her answer was simply, “Do what, Michael?”

“How, er wha…How do you know my name?”
“Michael, I have always known you, and you have known me. Don’t you remember us playing together on the shores just on the ocean side of your grandfather Mc Kay’s farm? We would run and throw the ball and swim in the surf, but always before the sun had risen.

You must remember me because you were the first human I had ever met and kissed."

“Whoa there, lady, that was over twenty years ago. You cannot be Alikee. She was just a tiny girl back then, and she had bright red hair, yours is dark brown, and your skin shimmers in the morning light. She was not fair skinned.”

“Come on Michael, you know that people change as they get older. Look at you. You are well over six feet tall now and do not wear glasses or braces on your teeth any longer, yet I would know your aura any time or place. It is uniquely you. I have watched you here for the past year. You always come here to run with your dogs, but you constantly look to the sea for answers. I am here because you wished deep in your heart for someone to take away your pain. I have always loved you, Michael, and I remember our pledge to love one another eternally.”

“Please,” I said, “It is just Mike these days. I have grown up and Michael was the name my mother called me by when I was just a kid.” “I cannot trust you. Look at you, you’re naked and that just aint right.”

“What is it, Michael, or if you insist, Mike? You have wanted me like this in your dreams. I know because I have visited you often in your dreams and always, You are my stallion lover. I love you, and always have.”

“Now dammit, wait a minute there, lady, or who in the hell ever you say you are. What was it with that fish head thing? How did you change from a fish to this?” I asked.

“I come to you as the person that you want me to be. I can be a banshee if you want,” and with that she transformed into a hideous beast right there before my eyes.

I nearly jumped out of my skin, “WAIT” I screamed. “I cannot take much more of this. Don’t kill me or eat my brains or whatever it is that demons do. Change back to the woman, and then get the hell out of my life. This is just too crazy.”

“Try and relax, Mike,” she said, almost in a purr that sent chills like a fever of ice running over my entire being. “I am here because of you. I am not going anywhere until you and I have completed the pact we made those long years ago. I have come to take you back, so that we can live the life and promises we made over three hundred years ago. I have waited, but my time has come, and we must consummate now or else our lives will both be cut off, and we will die as mortals.”

Now somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew what she was saying was true, but how? Man three hundred years is just too crazy, but then, why do I remember her name and sense that I have felt her in my arms in the night? “I thought it was just a dream,” I mused out loud.

“So you are saying that I am over three hundred years old.” I asked.

“No you are not, but your spirit is. It is far older than mine and I have been of this planet for over three hundred years waiting for the time that we culminate our union and move to the next state of our existence as a family. My body is ripe now and it is time for us to become as one.” She said quietly as if it were a prayer from her heart.

“Where will we live?” I demanded.

“The mother ship will transport us to the far reaches of the galaxy to the constellation Nobar, where we will become as one and populate our own world, just as was done for the eons of time by our ancestors. You must take me in your arms now and make love in person as you did in your dreams and the transformation will begin.”

Now here is the real quirky part. She awakened something inside of me that grew as hot as a poker taken from the fire. I wanted her in a way I never felt before. Was my life just a dream, or am I just waking up from a long sleep?
Before I could challenge my thoughts, she was upon me and I was drawn into her waiting body. It was fire and ice all over again, and I felt alive for the first time in my entire life. Light was emitting from out of bodies and it grew brighter than the noonday sun. Suddenly as if by magic, we were nowhere to be seen, and the memories of life became a shadow as new life sprang forth from her loins and everything she had told me became reality.

Sunset and evening star and one clear call for me. Tennyson was right, he did know of my crossing the bar.

Tennyson was right


Ogden, United States

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Sunset and evening star and one clear call for me. Tennyson was right, he did know of my crossing the bar

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