Influence and Translation

My strongest Fashion influences have been from film…

Bold women, bold fashion statements.

Katherine Hepburn and the strong women of the 1940’s.
Suits to die for! Even their Make up compacts were works of art.

Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren in the 1950’s.
Wasp waists and killer calves!

Jane Fonda and the Extra’s in any Elvis film in the 1960’s.
When bathing suits were woven and often had pom poms! Big sunnies, wild colours – CO ORDINATION to the extreme – some women dressed to match their car! Heaven to me.

1970’s flared suit pants, smooth hair and wild prints and the colour CAMEL! Rock on.
Women’s suits cut so high and tight they are responsible for the varicose veins you see today. Brilliant lapels and lime green patent shoes and bags! Most funky.

My translation…

Primarily it is about the silhouette we cut, be it a waist accentuated or the flare of a skirt or sleeve, it must flatter and enhance a womens shape. Head turning gorgeous Fashion is what I aim to create.


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