a very real story. part one.

i am starting this journal because i like to write. as you like to read, how about i make up a story for you?! what shall it be about?
i know! i will tell you a real story. by this, i mean one that it is not made up. are you ready?!

once upon a time, i went to an auction. there, i bought several dolls, to sell on ebay. as i was lining them up on a table ( in the order that i would be photographing them), the particularly cute-face of a 7.5 inch version caught my eye. already over one-hundred years old, she looked merely a child of aged 7 or 8. in addition to her impish expression, she also wore a brown mohair wig and a pink-and-white-checkered-dress. wanting to give her a name that matched her personality, i finally settled on; lila palooza.

within a very short time, lila had a japanese best-friend named dana.
dana made up for her nearsightedness with her acrobatic abilities.

before too long, a host of characters moved into lila’s lair. in part, they include The Old Lady, Demon, Leroy, Pearl, Lorna and Loretta.

the old lady, usually accompanied by the starved, grey, neighborhood stray; demon, is
The authority on character. although her piercing black eyes and witches cape are intimidating, she is actually quite kind and forgiving.

leroy or llf (short for little lord fauntleroy), is a faithful womanizer. created in the late 1800s, he has a penchant for the long-legged, mini-skirt-clad fashion girls of the 1950’s and 1960’s. at one time, he had a thing going for pearl.
until lorna moved in.

pearl; the pale young girl with the matronly hairdo and anxious expression, is head-over-heels over leroy. after losing her twin to an ebay auction, she is terrified of losing leroy to lorna.

undoubtedly the prettiest one of them all, lorna is also equally as kind. her confidence and gentle disposition, make her easy to be around.

and then theres loretta. a quiet patient in a psychiatric ward, we met while waiting for lila to be released from a behavior modification session. aphasic but keenly alert, i thought she might make a good; 24/7-nanny for lila. now, still speechless and consistently incontinent (!!), she was not really a very good choice.

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