Giorgio Israel Tuscani was born in the ancient, noble city of Verona, Italy, on December 18, the son of a Italian/Jewish mother, and a Catholic father; and was then adopted and raised by Bible Belt Protestants in a small, rural, agricultural town in Texas.

It comes as no surprise that Giorgio holds personal religious beliefs that defy traditional labels.

In order to understand Giorgio’s life’s journey, it is essential that we start at the very beginning.

Giorgio was born to a nineteen year old mother who had been warned by her doctors that her heart was not strong enough to carry her first baby to full term. Despite her fears, she sensed, and openly shared her belief, that the baby she was carrying was destined for greatness, and that risking her life for his was out of deepest love and devotion. She was sure that, somehow, when her baby grew up, he would understand why she made the decision that she did, and that he would fulfill her dreams for his future. Sadly, as predicted, she died in her fifth month of pregnancy, giving birth to Giorgio prematurely.

Giorgio’s twenty two year old father was not so understanding. When his young wife, that he loved so deeply, died giving birth to Giorgio, he experienced a breakdown, and was emotionally incapable of caring for his newborn son. Loving his baby, and blaming him at the same time for his wife’s death, was too much for him. He was greatly conflicted, and, in that troubled state of mind, made the difficult emotional decision to give up his infant son for adoption. Giorgio’s maternal grandmother had heard of a wonderful woman, in far off America, who could give her grandson a good home, and so Giorgio was sent away from Verona; which was the historical setting for another great love story, that of Romeo and Juliet; to live in rural Texas, where his differences caused him to be a constant victim of prejudice and torment.

Giorgio did not look, sound, think, or act like anyone else in his Texas peer group. He was a lonely, frightened boy, who did not seem to fit in anywhere.

Like a lot of children, separated from their parents, their homeland, their native language, and rejected by their peers, Giorgio withdrew into his own safe little world to do what he did best; draw and paint, which he did remarkably well, even at a very early age.

Giorgio also had an invisible friend, who appeared to him as only a pair of glowing, transparent white wings.

At first young Giorgio did not know how to interpret his vision, and drew a beautiful white swan, attempting to flesh out and capture that fleeting image on paper. As he matured and studied, he realized that his visions, which remain with him to this day, are of angels, and that the white dove that appeared to Noah, and is written about in the Gospels of Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, was the Holy Spirit.

When Giorgio grew up, he moved away to college, intent on submerging himself in his studies, in an urgent attempt to better understand religion, art, and his place in the universe; and emerged, years later, the much enlightened person that he is today.

In fulfillment of a lifelong dream, Giorgio finally had the opportunity to travel to Israel, where he instantly felt as if he had been there before, and had returned home. While there, he met a rabbi with whom he shared his visions. The rabbi told Giorgio that he had been uniquely blessed with knowledge and insights that very few people in history have ever been privileged to know, and that Giorgio should stay with him, and study with him in Israel, and help him teach.

Giorgio was overwhelmed, and a little frightened by the rabbi’s revelations, so he immediately returned to America to contemplate his future, and to try to grasp the full meaning of what he had just experienced in Israel.

Had his mother been right, was he indeed destined for something great? Only time will tell, Giorgio’s life is still continuing to unfold, but, at his young age, he is already a published author, an extremely talented photographer, a prize winning poet, and a highly collectable, much sought after Neo-Renaissance artist, whose storytelling masterpieces have been shown to great acclaim, on both coasts and in his native Italy.

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