WOW!!! 5 FEATURES!!! MY OLD FRIEND PENNY - RIP BEAUTIFUL GIRL - In APBT Lovers - DID YOU HEAR THAT? - in Top Shelf Wildlife & Nature Art - and 3 of YES!! I HAVE MY LICENSE!! - 10-4-09

WOW!!! I LOVE Red Bubble and all the fantastic people and groups on here. I am so grateful to all of you for the recognition i have gotten with my work since I have been on here since this past February 2009.

Thank you so much gabbielizzie…host of the APBT Lovers Group for Featuring “My Old Friend Penny – RIP Beautiful Girl”. This means the world to me for her to be featured in the group of her wonderful breed. She was a true example of what this breed should be. and I thank you for appreciating that.

Thanks also for featuring my silly puppy Littlegirl giving her friend the chihuahua a ride in her toy car in “Yes!! I Have My License!!”. These two just got along so great. :))

Thanks also goes to the hosts of Pets Are Us and Funny Kritters for also Featuring “Yes!! I Have My License!!”

And a big thank you to the hosts of Top Shelf Wildlife & Nature Art for Featuring “Did You Hear That?”!! This is a deer who visits my yard regularly. What a treat for him to be featured!!

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