Home page feature of Poinsettias as well!!!

I sat here staring and studying at the pictures on the Home Page LOL waiting for the bubble mail page to load not even realizing one was my own for ages, well it’s been one of those " daze "

trying to do a screenshot atm?? [ Vista ]

Many thanks redbubble and bubblettes peoples for all your fabulous encouraging support everyone ,re challenge win .

Sales of Laminated Print and a Card to Enivea


Dancing In The Dawn Author: Enivea

Standing on top of a hill, a cold wind blowing in our faces.
Standing in the pale dawn light while we wait patiently for the sun to rise.
Standing in the centre of a ‘fairy’ ring of mushrooms.
Standing with a friend who had never before stood and watched the sun rise.
Standing with my dog, who thought the humans so strange.

There is much to commend those
Who break a habit of a lifetime
And rise to the challenge
To experience
A moment

There is something very special
To witness another in that moment
And to feel their wonder as they experience
That which has held humans in wonder over eons.
There is something very special
To witness an event that happens every day
Yet happens only once.

The sun has risen.
It’s light casts long shadows
And we play with the

apologies arggggggg [new pc ]

Hoping to come back later ? and comment and look at all the fab art. (()) I have been wrestling with a new pc for days, am utterly ? atm had a tech support team [ lol] family] setting it up for 6 hours today and before starting properly the cd/dvd karked it so can’t even upload many saved files except for the ones you have seen I did those for experiment aas the spent hours turning back to portrait shape after being rotated quite succesfully on other pc…..BUT I found a way of rotating which actually stayed !! whew !!

C U later alligators

Help wanted from Enivea

repeating this from enivea’s" journal in my journal just in case somebody may see it here that missed it in hers.…

Help!! Calling any geeks!
I recently obtained a newer computer so that I could retire grandmama. But getting going is proving to be quite difficult, and I’m still using old one.
Current problem is that Avira AntiVir Premium has been installed and says there is a virus or unwanted program found. I went to another box and clicked complete system scan. It began and within moments got to 94.2%, and since then nothing has changed, that was 61/2 hours ago.!! I was told by someone it could take a long time to scan, but there seems to be nothing happening.
Please, is there anyone out there familiar with Vista Premium and Avira who can assist me.? I am slowly coming into this new techn


Are there glitches in the Calendars scroll bars? Quite a few of my pics aren’t coming up. e.g. I have one called Burleigh Beach, and another Burleigh Beach #2 Number #2 isn’t there along with several others…..

Photography 101 Group

Can anybody enlighten me? I have posted this everywhere I can think of still no answer.

I am having trouble getting images either rejected or not….. help! they just sit there waiting waiting sent bm to mods…no reply! please somebody talk to me!! getting older everyday may not live to see the outcome. !!!!

I notice their featured pics have stayed the same for weeks too.

ooh just sold a tee ....number #2

Mystery buyer thankyou I am really really thrilled .Super

’another You sold a tee ’ "Are all my seams straight?

don’t know who [yet] but I can reasure the person I bought one myself [black ]and it’’s great! washes well [hand] be back later!!

ooh just sold a tee

wow I accidently logged on and there is a comment ‘you sold a tee ’ Are all my seams straight?"
don’t know who [yet] but I can reasure the person I bought one myself [black ]and it’’s great! washes well [hand] be back later!!

Oh dear I forgot to click for public
in the meantime found the buyer

Many thanks really excited ,

Purple Daisy"


so lucky just won a painting prize!!

I have to tell someone! … I received just a few minutes ago …

Hi Gini,

You won 3rd prize tonight at RQAS. Congratulations!

Art exhibition is on for a month at the Royal Queensland Qrt Society Gallery 25 broadbeach Blvd Broadbeach right opposite the beach and next to the lifesavers club house Have a swim/surf while your’e there.

Gallery is open from 11 am until 3 pm and is run by voluteers only.

Guess who took this pic.of who?

Photograph of Kathie Nichols at her beautifully put together display,at the Artists Expo which was held at Gold Coast Parklands Showground Arts Pavillion this weekend.
Guess who took the pic?
wonderful meeting up with another redbubbler

guess what we talked about?

Brisbane Ekka sold a painting.... and featured in Bridges Group too

Happy daze atm I have just heard I have sold the original pastel of Camooweel impending storm.

Also I have been featured here in the Bridges Group

Many thanks to whoever chose it.

Many thanks to all my wonderful support group here ((())) many hugs .Without you all I would probably just stay in bed most of the day.

applogies to people too I am having trouble commenting yesterday/ today [time] argggg

Have you seen this! Creep Creep Creeping ...Monsters Galore

Video Montage Group"

Alert !watch out be careful


I hope you enjoyed the latest video from the group (this one) .

I was hoping to get the video posted on the homepage, and it may happen, but I’m not too sure.

The more people who watch this video the more succesful it is.

If there is any way you can spread this vid to family and friends, and post a journal about it, I would be forever grateful.

We also need to decide on a new theme. There has been plenty of ideas in the forums, but im sure there are other ideas some of you might have – so let us know !

regards Gini.

45 reasons to paint.

1. You were more concerned about the colour of your car than the fuel
> consumption.
> 2. The highlights in your hair are from your palette and not
> Clairol.
> 3. You are having lunch with the girls and the fragrance you wear
> is eau d’linseed oil.
> 4. The only piece of new furniture you have in your home is a $2000
> easel.
> 5. You butter your toast with your fingers, just to feel it’s
> texture.
> 6. You think about taking a picture to a show.
> 7. You talk about going to a show where the pictures don’t move.
> 8. You are over 50 and still have no health insurance.
> 9. Your family takes out a life insurance plan on you for less than
> $5000.
> 10. You know what shade of green the lichen on the trees is.
> 11. You can’t find a nice outfit for your date because everything
> has paint…

Book Launch ....Creative for a Second...

Update from :Kirrily

:Creative for a Second book launch

Creative For A Second is a book full of artwork, photography, prose, poetry, short stories, all created by people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, known also as ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) and CFIDS (chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome).

These people have worked pretty hard through their illness to be part of this project. Most are unable to work – some are even housebound, but they all manage to get something out of being creative. For some, it’s a sense of achievement, others find the process of creating quite therapeutic.

Artistic contributions to the book have come from people from all over the world – Australia, England, New Zealand, Europe and the States. CFS affects people ever

Fast !!

Attention!! Kabboom drum roll

I would like to say……………wowow so fast uploading pics today!
Thank you for all your hard difficult works R..B. gang
Gini ((()))

Tee Sale

Many thanks to :Shallay:"

for buying a tee shirt from me.
Meerly looking my very best for you

Wow, I am just incredibly lucky.Happy Birthday to Shallay’s partner.

re possum

Hi peopls,re possum Well I feel very naughty [cheating ] -I should have uploaded this first got sort of hectic here! – I found her on the path just under that tree early this morning she had only just died and so Frank posed her in the tree for me. We have them hissing in the windows most nights, but usually only see the large ones, I sometimes shine a torch at them or one !? not to frighten them !not sure,how many there are there wasn’t a mark on her so not sure what happened I think she was too young to just die, maybe the python attacked?

thanks she was so beautiful.

Sale of card

Heaps of thanks to the person who bought a card of Tamborine Mountain Botanical Garden
[while I was busy sleeping] ((())) much appreciated .

slow pc

may not be around [much] my pc has decided to go on slow speed the last 24 hours.
seems to be stuck on full time scanning mode?? I upgraded AVG to 8 [free] and I can’t even open it to see what it’s up too.

watercolour group

Thanks to Marion Chapman for sending me a bm , much appreciated. I am away from redbubble for a few days, just checking in in case of importand messages in my bubblemail.
Check out while your’e there ,at the fabulous talent. [please] :-)

BM below

Hi Ginny
Your watercolour is a feature in the watercolour paintings group!

thought I’d add a pic ,tried doing a link but brain is too tired.

Tee Shirts

I just wrote this in Phillip Johnson’s journal, have a look at his idea.[please]

thanks Phillip fantastic idea the shirts are just so soft and lovely. very good quality cheaper or about the same as major cheap stores. Maybe for me a bit on the small sizing [girly tee ] [ I really need womenly ] and the wrapping ! has anybody metioned the wrapping! ? hahaha fabulous.!

Can't edit or reply

I can’t edit or upload or reply read a few in help having the same problems "done but with errors on page’ then “error on page” yes wrrors is right all the teee shirts info is on the page too. thought I’d write this may be of help.


“*You sold a t-shirt to gemlenz Frangipani #3* "
Thank you so much George, from the bottom of my twinkly bare toes in bedroom slippers which match my pj’s .[what else would a person be wearing first light in the morning ] :-) *Gini inserts a smilie doing a little pj dance *

Found H.M.A.S. Sydney

Breaking news Australia March 17 2008…

Wreck of HMAS Sydney found
Posted 1 hour 4 minutes ago
Updated 53 minutes ago

Wreck found: The crew of the HMAS Sydney (ABC TV)
The group searching for the HMAS Sydney has found the wreckage of the World War II Australian warship off the coast of Western Australia, the ABC has confirmed.

The Sydney was sunk with all hands in November 1941 after a battle with the German raider Kormoran.

The Sydney’s entire crew of 645 went down with the ship in the Indian Ocean and its location has been a mystery for 66 years.

The Finding Sydney Foundation yesterday revealed it had discovered the wreckage of Kormoran off the Western Australia coast, raising hopes that the Sydney would be relocated.

The Australian ship was last seen badly damaged and steaming over the ho

How to do cut out pics on tee shirts

Thanks to MuscularTeeth for the help in getting tee shirts on, the key word in the instructions was ‘EASY’ so instead of getting into a flap I followed that advice! and it worked…

but …..but, but, but ….now I would like some help please, how do you get pictures on to tees without any background ?, e.g. to Look like cutouts.
have ps 6.0

uluru home page

I was just packing up for the evening, after last comment to communtiy to say how lovely the home page looked and wow there was a pic of mine.

As below, my comment to the Home page for Aussie day!

“gosh flattery does work! just packing up after last comment to community .about home page …and there is my pic! wow !”

tree for jayne

wip for Jayne lots to do yet and I had to take the pic indoors so colour is very off. I may even paint over it yet! Sorry it’s so small Jayne

suspicious email from paypal


I know everybody is alert and won’t fall for this but…..just in case anybody is not I received an email from ’paypal ’ to upgrade my account , all details of bank, credit card etc sent early January 1/ 2008 .. must be done now other wise we ……..etc etrc…. so I sent it to paypal at the below email address. paypal replied thanking me . [copied and pasted below] I thank them.!

Easy to get trapped half awake new years day! they had the proper paypal form included too.

What is a phishing email?
Phishing emails attempt to steal your identity and will often ask you to
reveal your password or other personal or financial information. PayPal
will never ask for your password over the phone or in an email and will
always address you by your first and last name.

Every email counts. By

Community ...features page

Thanks for putting me onto the community features page.Thrilled to my last old paintbrush. Thanks also to Eyal Namias***for telling me. I sure would not have known.
How DO people get time to read everything?

I must admit, I really am lost most of the time,please can somebody send a maid.or a teenager to help! even somebody who can do the housework for me…::-):-):-)
Congratulations also to

Alice McMahon

Karl Denton

Jean-michel Machias

Gerard Russo

  • One brilliant most helpful artist.
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