From the book of poems "The Animals Noah Forgot" by A.B. Patterson

Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson…

BESIDE the bare and beaten track of travelling flocks and herds
The woodpecker went tapping on, the postman of the birds,
“I’ve got a letter here,” he said, “that no one’s understood,
Addressed as follows: ‘To the bird that’s like a piece of wood.’
“The soldier bird got very cross—it wasn’t meant for her;
The spur-wing plover had a try to stab me with a spur:
The jackass laughed, and said the thing was written for a lark.
I think I’ll chuck this postman job and take to stripping bark.”

Then all the birds for miles around came in to lend a hand;
They perched upon a broken limb as thick as they could stand,
And just as old man eaglehawk prepared to have his say
A portion of the broken limb got up and flew away.

Then, casting grammar to the winds, the postman

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Looking for submissions to contribute to a book ..any artists out here or known to you with CFS,chronic fatigue syndrome CIDS

hi Kirrily is looking around for artists who suffer from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as CFIDS, ME and incorporating Fibro Myalgia) as I’m putting a book together – basically to illustrate the comfort many of us find in creating.…

It’s a creative book – mostly artwork with short artist statements.

I’ve found many people from all over the place, quite a few from DeviantART, and the size of the book is growing at a steady rate.

Anyone with CFS can contribute. We want to include ALL work that is submitted because it’s not a book about professional art, it’s a book about how creativity helps sufferers cope, escape or just motivate.

If you’re interested in contributing (art, photography, crafts, poetry, prose or anything creative), or know someone who would be interested send an em

Me and my ME portrait

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Boiling Brain syndrome

My interpretation of a chapter from the book about the hot sun frying the brain.…

[ please note][ I just wrote a very long explanation, fell into the keyboard and lost it all]
the following is from wikipedia.

The Shark Net
The Shark Net is a semi autobiographical/semi fictional account of Drewe’s Childhood and adolescence and is best described as a memoir structured as a novel. It was reproduced as an ABC television miniseries. The name, shark net is a metaphor for the modus operandi of a character in the story, the serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke, whom Drewe met in his childhood and can also be interpreted to symbolize a false sense of security.

The book charts Drewe’s life from his earliest memories of Melbourne to his childhood in Perth, education at Hale School and his relationship with h

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