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Dancing In The Dawn Author: Enivea

Standing on top of a hill, a cold wind blowing in our faces.
Standing in the pale dawn light while we wait patiently for the sun to rise.
Standing in the centre of a ‘fairy’ ring of mushrooms.
Standing with a friend who had never before stood and watched the sun rise.
Standing with my dog, who thought the humans so strange.

There is much to commend those
Who break a habit of a lifetime
And rise to the challenge
To experience
A moment

There is something very special
To witness another in that moment
And to feel their wonder as they experience
That which has held humans in wonder over eons.
There is something very special
To witness an event that happens every day
Yet happens only once.

The sun has risen.
It’s light casts long shadows
And we play with the shadows,
Dancing in the fairy ring of mushrooms
On top of a hill, with a cold wind blowing.

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