Help wanted from Enivea

repeating this from enivea’s" journal in my journal just in case somebody may see it here that missed it in hers.

Help!! Calling any geeks!
I recently obtained a newer computer so that I could retire grandmama. But getting going is proving to be quite difficult, and I’m still using old one.
Current problem is that Avira AntiVir Premium has been installed and says there is a virus or unwanted program found. I went to another box and clicked complete system scan. It began and within moments got to 94.2%, and since then nothing has changed, that was 61/2 hours ago.!! I was told by someone it could take a long time to scan, but there seems to be nothing happening.
Please, is there anyone out there familiar with Vista Premium and Avira who can assist me.? I am slowly coming into this new technology – chalk and slate was about my standard before…..

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