Happy New Year Everyone At RB !

It is sweltering here in Brisbane Australia ..reaching 34.9 degrees today ..still in the high twenties in our loungeroom I am sure …. I have the fan cooling my back while I sit typing ..my older son here on a holiday …. from Perth ….shirtless …. we are enjoying a quiet drink …..my grandaughter asleep… sitting up in a lounge chair .. who thought that a 5 year old can talk for 15 hours non stop ? .. painting ? drawing relaxing ? .
no wonder I didnt do much artwork when my boys were young !!.LOL ….I have had a great year ..one of the happiest in my life !
Everyone at RB has added to the positive vibes ..so many lovely people ..who would have guessed ? **************************. 2009 will be the best ever !!!!!!

Lots of happy wishes!! …Gillian …..11.35pm 31st dec (Wednesday)

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