Featured Home Page 16/10/08

My little abstract ..“Abstract Orange” is featured on the RB,s Home Page.
This painting represents another time and place for me ..

I think it was completed about 3 or 4 years ago …

It was originally a yellow building with a blue door ..I tried to capture the look of an old Mediteranean building .I had trouble selling it however …there was no interest
I decided to turn it into an abstract with loads of texture and ""voilah" it was sold .

I am glad I have moved on from that time and space but our art also tells a story and is a reminder of our past .

I had a very stressful job ..I would come home at night and just paint until I felt better . At that time in my life it was more of a therapy for me than a conscious choice ….and today I choose to feel this way more often than not ……..
at peace ..

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