I'm back...

Been away up to north Queensland…4wdriving..up to Cape Melville ..north of Cooktown and across to Normanton/Karumba/Bourketown on the other side of the peninsula ….

Saw the real Crocodile Creek and someone in our group got a dose of karma after she had yelled "Crocodile " in my ear as we looked at the map of nearby waterways and I jumped in fright. Later in the heat of the day we thought we would be smart and divert off the path near the Normanby River and make our way through the cool rainforest..Behind the last ridge about 5 metres in front I saw the head and back of a crocodile ..I let out an ear piercing scream and then yelled ’Croc’as it splashed into the water ..and I have never seen a group of people scramble for higher ground with such terror in their eyes…..

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