20% off SALE!!

Redbubble has a special offer to artists now: they are offering extra money on top of commissions (20% extra on each sale) and free shipping for just 1 week.
So I decided to make this promotion extra special and give you my own special offer!

Choose whatever items you always wished to buy from me (you did, didn’t you? ;-), and b-mail me their titles, and you will get this RB special bonus as a reduction. In other words: If notified you are going to buy an item this week, I will go to that item and reduce the price by 20% off RB basic price. Doing that on all my items just for this week without such b-mail will be too time-consuming and unreasonable…

Note: In principle, all my images and calendars go for 50% above the basic RB price, and all my tees for 30%. In some cases I may have forgotten to raise it above the automatic 20%… So, the offer is actually: basic RB price + 30% (instead of 50%) on images and calendars, basic RB price + 10% (instead of 30%) on tees…

The coupon code to receive the free shipping offer is ‘100000masterpieces’ – just enter this during the checkout process to receive the free shipping offer.
All of the above promotions will expire at 2359 on 30 October (GMT).

  • this idea was inspired by a journal of Toasted Ghost.

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