Looking for People To Do The Voodoo They Do The Do So Well (now with photos!!)

Looking for People To Do The Voodoo They Do So Well

This christmas I got a very cool present from Daryl’s cousin. A wooden staff with a skull on the top – in true voodoo style :D It’s one of the coolest presents I’ve ever gotten.

Here are some photos of the voodoo man – was thinking of calling him either “Mumbo” (after the character in Banjo Kazooie) or “Ogga Bogga Man”


I really want to use it very soon. So my idea was: a voodoo themed photo shoot!! I’ve already started to get some ideas from DA & other places but I need more! And if anyone would be interested in modeling please let me know. Hoping to orginaise something while the weather’s still quite nice. Will add updates when they happen :)

Some of the great stuff I’ve already found:

She’ll Hex you by L-Locke
Tribal voodoo Lady by gothicwolfcorpse
And the best one I’ve found so far: Vodou by Lily Fox

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