Some thoughts...

As I already told I am a Musician and that is my biggest passion in life and the thing in my life where i have a professional skill. Unfortunately thats not the case in Photography, but I’m working hard to improve my skills and hopefully that will be noticeable for other too.

I just want to say one thing that i feel music and Photography has in common and that is that the best work is them who really communicates something to the viewer or listener. I want to encourage people to think about what they really want to communicate with their pictures. To first think about what message they want to communicate and then find an Artistical way to express that through a picture.

I Know this isn’t anything new but i just want to remind people about that so we dont forget the opportunity to actually effect other people with our Pictures, both in an esthetic and emotional way but also to put peoples attention to something we feel is important. Like the climate change or whatever….

Art is important, and it is the Artists,Musicians and all the people who are creative that make the unvisible visible and thoose people is really important in our society. They can make something out of nothing and that is a powerful ability.

Thanks for the encouraging remarks on my pictures, I try to not dissapoint you with my coming work.

See ya!

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