Is This Image Good Enough??

So you have taken your pictures, completed the re-touching in Photoshop and now it is time to upload. Which images shall I upload?. Surely it cannot be that difficult. Or can it?

I sometimes wonder if there are other people out there who also ‘struggle’ with the choice of which images to add to their profiles? If not, then I am probably to critical of my own images. In the last week I have taken more then 100 images of cheetah, lions and white rhino yet I always doubt myself (or the image) when it’s time to upload.

I am still not sure whether this is a good thing (to keep quality high) or perhaps a bit silly as you are not getting more input from other people on your images (which is always a good thing).

Case in point – I sold an image a few days ago (GREAT feeling and thanks to the buyer). I have always liked the image (Dark vs Light) yet if I had to guess it would never have been my choice for an image that would sell first.

So… do I still scrutinize my images as harshly as I do now or should I just let go and upload the ones I think is ok?? Hmmm, decisions decision.

I suppose in a way what makes it difficult for me is that all my images are captured in the wild. You get one, maybe two shots at any given image yet during those moments you do develop some kind of emotional attachment to the image. Beautiful moments, beautiful images and amazing memories all mix together in my mind when I try and choose an image. Is this wrong? Am I overlooking some great images because there is no emotional attachment to it?

Anyway, just a few random thoughts!!

Till next time!

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