Now this is cool… How it is done!

Here is another way of viewing my work, it is in a list format and displays the number of comments I have for each Photo… Click Here…

This uses a combination of two existing functions already found in RB, Tagging and the Search function. Here is how to do it…..

1. For this to work and for it to display just your work you need to come up with a unique tag. For example your first name and birth date jim28071977

2. This unique tag is entered as a new tag into all existing photos, writings, T’s, etc and add to all future works.

3. When you have done updating all your work with your tag, enter the tag into the search field and hit the Search button…. This will return and display all your work.

4. There is a gray bar just above the top row of your images and has text which will say ‘1 – 24 of 38 wall art, t-shirts and more for [your tag] -——- change layout:’ at the right hand side of the bar are two icons click the first one and your work will be displayed as a list. This is the view, which you want…..

5. Now go up to the menu bar on the top of the page and copy the link in the address bar it will look something like this

6. All you need to do is copy this into your profile page in the area that you write your description.
The format is “To see my work displayed as a list…. Click Here” :

Note: you have to remove the space before the colon just after the quotation marks….

Good luck!

PS You can also click on the “Related items” menu at the side that will sort and display your work into cards, posters, etc……


There has been some more changes from RB and the filter page is not going to ‘list’ view by using the code described above….
However if you add ‘&page=1’ to the end of the URL this seems to force it to display as a list (see example below)

Journal Comments

  • Craig Shillington
  • Kevin  Kroeker
  • Ianphares
  • Rosalie Dale
  • Gracey
  • GerryMac
  • GerryMac