RB - So Addictive!

I have been using the Internet for a good few years now and am constantly amazed at the things you come across…. The amount of information online is staggering! The person that came up with the saying ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ must have had a big input to the creation of the World Wide Web!!!

Now I have been introduced to Red Bubble and subsequently have married two passions, photography and a quest for knowledge, but to also add the amazing interactivity of like minded people! This is the recipe for addiction!

I am totally amazed at the artistic talent that is on display within RB! I get to the point where I say that I have seen the most impressive piece of art and then with one click I am blown away by another outstanding image… I think it is time for a feature within RB called ‘favourites of my favourites’! However that would mean making some very hard choices!!

I have just recently passed 3000 views and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have visited, view, commented and selected favourites… I really appreciate it!

So please keep up creating and producing your excellent work…. As I have an addiction to feed…. :-)

All the best for 2008!!

Kind regards Gerry

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