Did God Make A Mistake?

I have been feeling this for a while now, not knowing how to express my feelings of sadness.
To hear recently, of the unnecessary loss of life involving children…
I don’t want to mention media specifics or describe details and indeed have not been personally involved.
Enough to say that the trend seems to be that human life is of little or no value…
For a parent to take the life of their child, a precious gift…to use their own flesh and blood as a weapon to inflict eternal suffering on their partner, family and friends.
I just can’t begin to comprehend the reasoning or excuse of such an act, being a dad to my own beautiful children I ask myself…Why?

The parent’s duty, responsibility and privilege is to nurture, enrich, protect and love unconditionally.
The child looks to the parents…for protection, to be the provider, a source of love, of warmth, comfort, and safety. To have all the answers, ultimate trust…
‘I can come to no harm, I’m safe’

I cannot help but to shed a tear and say a prayer for the little souls…

To be given a child, an innocent being…is the miracle of life.

Did God make a mistake?

‘Never to Grow up’

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