Dream update- Occupy 'parking lot'

I was driving around in a parking lot. Naked women were laying around. They were women helping women, a hospice or triage type of thing. It seemed the healthier women were tending to the sickly ones. The sickly ones were mostly pregnant and they had strangely misshapen bodies, sort of like a circus mirror type disfigurement. It was very “end of the worldish” in nature.

In another part of this same dream I am back with my old girlfriend. We are in a bed together. She had whip-cream on her nipples and we were being erotic together in front of a window. There was a yard worker man in the bushes. He was being a “voyeur.” I caught him peaking in on us.. I checked my messages and he had left a ‘heavy breathing’ message. He orgasmed over the phone. If was kind of creepy to try and figure out how he was able to get my number. It was also kind of creepy that he wanted to empower himself by freaking me out like that.

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