Dream Update - Pink baby shoe, Kathmandu Nepal

I am in a public market in Kathmandu, Nepal. What were originally very thin slices of meat are morphed into beaded anklets. I am discussing shoes with a hippie dude as we are looking down at the ground where a pink baby shoe is morphing into all these different kinds of baby shoe. I am eager for his reaction because this was my holographic vision of my new shoe business. I told him it was Khali showing me what I can do, and he said “that’s right brother—you picked the divine” We both take off on a journey to locate a lady who sells wares for shoe-making. We give her $400 us dollars. She leaves and we assume she stole the money. We go to the other side of the street and they said she went into the bank with the money and that they knew she was honest. My friend found an instrument case of her with some kind of rare asian instrument inside. He hid it as collateral. She returns and I give her the intrument back. The hippie dude is now way up in the air in the arms of Khali and they are making love.

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