Georgina Friend

Brisbane, Australia

In May 2013, I made a career decision to take a step back from photography and put my energy into a commercial arts qualification...

Mixing business and pleasure

I feel like I’ve crossed over to the dark side.For years I’ve been quite content to enter the odd photo comp and exhibit my work but in order to pay the bills I’ve finally jumped off the ledge and dabbled in commercial photography. This week I successfully landed two commercial tenders, one as an event photographer and the other for a corporate publication with a print run of up to 3000. They say any exposure is good exposure so I should accept this as a means of getting ahead, another dollar means more photography toys.Providing a quote that is both fair and true without under cutting the current market is nerve wracking, especially when the organisation hasn’t done their research and simply assumes that its “okay” to skimp on the costs when using your image for commercial purposes. I must say, preparing the first quote is always the hardest, unlike pricing artwork I’ve had to calculate every cost , add gst and execute conditions on the "fair use " of images.An emotional roller coaster to say the least but its a sweet, sweet deal when the quote is accepted. Creativley speaking, its also a quiet blessing to be given 100% creative control of a photo shoot – mixing business with pleasure and making a buck out of my hobby isn’t so bad after all.

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