Georgina Friend

Brisbane, Australia

In May 2013, I made a career decision to take a step back from photography and put my energy into a commercial arts qualification...

Life as a design student

Wow,life has changed so much in the past 4 weeks. Time flies when you’re having fun but right now I reckon I’m steaming along through my intensive first trimester on pure adrenaline. I decided to put all overseas travel on hold and complete an intensive Diploma of Graphic Design at CATC Design school in Melbourne.So far the classes have been rewarding, and I’m looking at the world in a complete different manner. Typeface, colour schemes, graphic displays are examined in greater detail. Two weeks ago I left my Design Software class feeling overwhelmed and fearful of the pen tool. Two weeks on and I’m tracing, stylising like my life depends on it.Enough with the procrastination, the next assessment piece involved designing a beer label for a Scottish- Australian brew house. The sketchbook beckons.

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