Happy Christmas to One and All

Short but sweet… Just for a change!!! You can’t have essays all the time _

I wish you a totally wonderful Christmas!! A day (or more) of celebrating with family and friends, overflowing with love, happiness and laughter!

xxx {{{hugs}}} xxx

Thank you!!!!

I’m sending a huge Thank You to Majella for buying a greeting card of Butterflies Galore 3.

And another huge Thank You to an unknown person who bought Dandilions as a cranberry tee.

I hope you are both very happy with your products, whether they be for yourselves or as gifts (Christmas, Birthdays or even UnBirthdays) for others. Thank you :D

Calendars going cheap

So you might not hear all of them cheaping and chirping, but there are birds in some of them and they’re telling you that my calendars are going cheap… only $A24.20 each.…

As everyone knows, calendars are useful all year long, with the added bonus of 13 high quality prints to frame and hang on the wall at the end of the year (or frame and give as Christmas presents next year!!).
Don’t forget the trusty old bluetac for putting artwork on your walls. Perfect if you’re not able to put hooks in the walls. There’s also those temporary hooks (that don’t work for me, but do for my Mum) or whatever sticky substance you use for putting up works of art… sticky tape, masking tape, wallpaper paste, or even cornflour glue (but this doesn’t come off again so might not be a good idea if you’re renting!!)

Happy Holidays and Super Sales

Wow… time certainly flies really fast these days. It’s over halfway through October already!!! I’ve been a bit quiet lately, but not so quiet I didn’t notice Darren’s generous idea… Donating calendars to Aussie Helpers. Mind you, that was just yesterday! What a great thing to do. I urge you all to try and help if you can, but if not, pass on the word so that others who don’t know Darren can find out how to help as well.…

A few weeks ago, I took a week off work and went on a road trip to Victoria with my best friend since Brownies (many many moons ago!!!). Donna and I drove to Ballarat, then across to Warragul via the Queenscliffe to Sorrento ferry (which we needed our pirate legs for… it was a tad rough), over to Olinda in the Dandenongs then back across to Bacchus Marsh before heading hom

Spring is Sprung

Believe it or not, but I won a challenge… It was with the group called Australia! You’re standng in it with a challenge for Aussie flavour clothes line. Ok, so there were only 6 entries, but with 7 votes, my Koala Heaven tee won!!! Its pretty groovy, so I just had to brag!!!

While here bragging, I’m pleased to say that Cinders has been recreated as a canvas, greeting card and tee, has arrived safe and sound in Manly with Midori and Angela to hang out with artists from Make Up Your Mind, Womanly and Creative Mums in the Manly Arts Festival this month!

So, Spring has arrived with such a sunny disposition, that I just had to share my news!!!

GG joined yet another Creative World

You know, we are all very lucky to have so many places in the virtual universe to show off our work. We even have online shops which allow us to sell anything and everything from artwork for the walls to clothing and shoes to wear. And we enjoy having these shops for such a fantastic price … zero!!

So I’d just like to send out a public THANK YOU to those that paved the way and created our fantastic world of red bubbles!!
You are the ones who started me on this wonderful journey by creating RedBubble… this in turn brought me new friends, new discovery, inspiration, and took me back to my old creative self (with a slight techy twist). For all you wonderful friends I met along the way… here are lots of {{{hugs}}} and xxx for you :D (gushy I know, but thats just tough!!)

Just as a Look ma, n

Worldwide Walks on Saturday 18 July 09

I can’t go to either of these, as we are celebrating Zac turning the ripe old age of 11 that day!!! If you go to either Dave or Steve’s walk, or any of the other ones throughout the world, don’t forget to post a photo so the rest of us can see what a great day you had!…

Dave Hartley has registered to host one of Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walks at Mannum, South Australia on 18 July 2009.
It begins by meeting at Cafe Mannum, then a walk down to the Mary Ann reserve and back again finishing at the Mannum Motel.

The Scott Kelby world wide walk was set up by Scott Kelby (surprise!!) who is an expert on photography and the Photoshop program. He has written something like 60 tutorial books and videos.

The walk is free, open to all ages and photographic experience… from beginners to pros. It

RnR's adventure around the world ... Lego for Breakfast

Memories of our last moments together on Friday, 29 May. I’m sure they had a great time but they sure do like to eat!!!…

Zac went off to school as usual, so while I got ready (showered and dressed) to take them to the post office (for their passport stamp), the shops (for a pressie and postcards) and finally to Cathie I thought they might like to have a play with other friends of Zac and Socks.

I introduced them to our Tassie Devil. They all got really excited (should have introduced them earlier maybe) and had deep and meaningful discussions (growlings) about where they came from.

Tassie then showed them Zac’s collection of Garfields…

Just a few of them. A couple of the orange kittees didn’t make it to the group hug because they heard that devils don’t like cats.

Stuffed cats just don’t h

RnR's adventure around the world ... Bashful Bowlers

Hardly bashful… But here are more adventures of Rogue n Rascal, a couple of RedBubble Devils who are travelling around the world and bragging about it to their brothers back home in Tasmania with Rhana.…

After a day of teasing our cat Socks and gardening with our frogs and fairy, we decided that RnR should go with Zac and I to Noarlunga Bowl to watch Zac roll a few balls down the lane and hopefully get a strike or two.
He’s in their junior bowling league and because he’s not home every Friday night, just about gets the whole centre to himself on every 2nd Wednesday! He’s pretty lucky to get one on one lessons so often!!

Choosing a ball…

but were a tad disappointed when it wouldn’t move off the stand it was on. It was a sample ball, to get the size of a hand.

To cheer them up, the technician

Rogue n Rascal's adventure around the world ... in Adelaide w GG - Day One

As you may know by now, there are 3 RedBubble Devils travelling around the world, making various housecalls to all the Bubblers on The List and sending postcards and letters using good old snail mail, back to their brothers in Tasmania.…

After having a wonderful time with Donna Adamski in Florida, Rogue and Rascal arrived in Adelaide on May 27, jetlagged but full of scams for causing trouble.
Chaos n Anarchy and Cedric n Beau are enjoying themselves somewhere else (thankfully… imagine the wreckage they’d cause if they travelled together!!).

After showing off their passport (proof they were allowed back into Australia), they promptly started trying to ring everyone they knew on my mobile and shred my work. Thankfully they couldn’t get passed the extra strong lock on the phone but the pattern

Got the DTs from thinking about stopping for a bit

I’ve just had the RedBubble Devils over for a visit and had to rearrange my house inbetween working… so haven’t been around much. And now, cos I keep getting sidetracked playing guessing games in Riginals and chatting in the Cafe, I’ve got to work all weekend!
Serves me right. I think I’ve let the virtual world take over my life a tad… Time to stop for a bit I think (and get the work done… deadline is Tuesday morning so I’ve 72 hours at least to get it all done! Should be right! Just thought I’d let you all know why you won’t see me floating around the bubbles commenting and faving all your fabulous work!!
edit… Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working as well, just not as much as I should have been… the real world has taken over a bit too, but that’s not as funny as being sucked into the vi

Floating Around in Bubbles

Floating Around in Bubbles has now started…
Hopefully I’ll be able to think of better things to say… and it’ll be mostly about more inspiring artworks, photos and writing by my fave people, but in the meantime, I’ve uploaded my Red Robins tee design.…

Webgrrl helped prod my brain into the name… As always, ever so helpful!!! Thanks Webgrrl :D

I’ll start another one soon, just of my artwork, called “art by jenny”… the same name as the website that’s being created very soon. The site is there… …but its just parked. Waiting for this little cow to work faster!!!

Please let me know if you like it or hate it… I think I’ll keep it simple and black for now, it seems to make the colours jump!! Could be just my eyes…

I promise to write more words and stuff thats much more interestin

Save the Frogs Day ... April 28

Jamie Wogan Edwards aka talented bubbler, JamieCreates has discovered these people are trying to save frogs and need our help.
Save the Frogs are trying raise awareness that frogs are disappearing (as alot of us do know) from our world and there are things we all can do about it.
One of the simplest things we can do is let everyone know about this new Annual Frog Day on Tuesday, April 28!!…

Frog populations have been declining worldwide at unprecedented rates, and nearly one-third of the world’s 6,418 amphibian species are threatened with extinction. At least 100 species have completely disappeared since 1980, and this is NOT normal: amphibians naturally go extinct at a rate of only about one species every 250 years!!
Frog populations are faced with an onslaught of environmental problems:

Make Up Your Mind ... Meet Leo the Lion

I did already!! I made up my mind to do a painting of a lion using my bestest makeup products. Of course, when I went to use the lipstick, I found them all hard as rocks. Hmmmmm… Oh well. At least my other colours haven’t dried out completely, and of course, powders never dry out or go hard!!!…

Leo the Lion (such an original name, I know) was created for the “Mr Squiggle Challenge”: in the group Make up your MInd

Karin drew a scribble and we all have to use makeup and paint a picture.

I really enjoyed doing this!! I so love drawing :D

The products I used… mineral powder foundation, sparkly blush powder, mascara, lip liner, lipgloss (my lipsticks were all dead… hard as rocks), concealer, gre

OMG ... Another Thank You to send to out the Universe!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Whoever you are, wherever you may be, whatever you do… Only you know who you are! Thank you so much for making my day!!

To those of you who have popped by, just cos you can, Thanks for that!! I sold a tshirt today, a brown tee with Dandilions on the front!! I so hope whoever bought it loves wearing it. I know I love wearing RB tees… they’re so comfortable, soft, easy to look after (no ironing!!) and they don’t fade or go out of shape!

Actually, while I have your undivided attention… Let me introduce you to a new group called Make Up Your Mind where you get to have heaps of fun painting pictures with your makeup products.

Check out this journal entry by Karin where she describes the group with such beautiful words and lovely sentences!! Or this page here if you want to

Make Up Your Mind

On Saturday, 2nd May 2009 Midori Furze is holding a art workshop called Make Up Your Mind using lipsticks and other makeup. Its going to be at Manly, home of the Manly Arts Festival held in September of each year.…

So to compliment this awesome occasion, on Saturday, 2nd May 2009 you’ll be encouraged to create your own masterpiece with lipstick and other types of makeup at home or wherever you are that day. Paint and draw with makeup, just like you did (go on, admit it!!) when you were a child!

While its not necessary to dig out your Mum’s best most favourite makeup, you’re not to use traditional art products (paint, pencil, etc).

Here is a groovy example… available as artwork and as tshirts!!

After you have created your incredible masterpieces, upload them to our new group… Make Up Your

Thank you to Somebody

Hey!!! Guess what everyone!! I sold a canvas print of one of my photos, Kandersteg Mountains.

I have no idea who bought it, but its made me notice that I’ve missed a comment by GingerThank you Ginger!!!
So, THANK YOU to whoever you are, for loving my artwork enough to want it on your walls (sooooo awesome!!) and also big thanks for Ginger’s comment!!!

Here it is, for those of you who haven’t seen it….

ps… my groovy new gadget arrived today!!!! Canon SX1 IS :D But I didn’t get a memory card, so I have to wait till Thursday to save photos from it!!! hee hee Never mind… I’ve had a play… LOVE IT!! And I’ve got heaps of work to do so I’ve put it down till Thursday!!! Zac now has his own camera (my old one). Happy sigh!!!!

Happy Easter ;D xx

Just wishing everyone one of you a trully awesome day today, celebrating Easter. Enjoy sharing all that yummy chocolate, the colouring of eggs, hunting chocolate eggs, playing table tennis and eating chocolate. Well, that’s what we’re doing today!! All but Zac who’s gone to his father’s till next Saturday. School holidays came up so fast!!…

By the time he gets home I would have worked out how to use my new gadget!!! Not telling… I’ll take a photo of it and show it off!!! Arrives Tuesday… not that I’m excited mind you!! Hoping to get that painting done tomorrow too. Artwork, not painting walls like Shannon’s been doing!
I think once I start I’ll be right. I’ve got that ’don’t want to stuff it up’ thing going on in my head… never mind that it can be painted over if I do!!!

So I hope you all

Tees and Trucks for Victorian Bushfires

When Vicki Ferrari asked me to help her create a tshirt how could I say no? Especially when its for the Wildlife Appeal.

Both of the generous accounts of Phoenix Appeal and Wildlife Appeal are zooming along and generating much needed funds for those affected by the Victorian Bushfires.

I’m asking all of you to at least have a look at all the generously donated artworks, photos, calendars and clothing. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that perfect birthday present or that unique gift for any occasion. Or what about something for my favourite occassion… the UnBirthday!! When you find something for somebody (even for yourself) and their birthday isn’t for months and months!!

Somebody even had a fantastic idea that we could all have a commemorative item in our cupboards or on our walls, remindin

Proud to be a Bubbler... you are all so generous

The fires of the past few days are horrific. Way too many lives have been lost, not to mention all the animals, birds, wildlife and domestic stock. Families are in ruins, homes are destroyed. I am doing all I can to help. You can too, by donating one of your images to the group, so funds can be raised to help everyone. Being safe in Adelaide, its the least I can do.…

This photo is available at Phoenix Appeal waiting patiently to support our neighbours, friends, family and everyone else effected by bushfire.

Here are some other important links
Salvation Army donations
Salvation Army
Red Cross
Important links plus updates from Darren Stones
St Vincent de Paul

Phoenix Appeal Updates … journal entries are always being written and updated
Phoenix Appeal Group has a Forum for all your queries, comm

St Vinnies are accepting gifts and goods

As the Salvation Army and Red Cross are busy accepting financial support and said they’re not accepting physical goods, I was very pleased to hear about this.
St Vinnies are accepting donations of everything and anything you think those effected by bushfires would like or need to make them smile again.

Call 1800 621 349 to find your nearest Centre or to have furniture donations picked up.

Or use this location finder and theres a tiny little ‘choose a state’ at the top of the page. Pick a state then click the button that says to ‘find a centre near you’.

Also, don’t forget, there is a Phoenix Appeal group now as well as the Phoenix Appeal account accepting donations of images for sale.
To leave messages, ask questions or find information have a look in the Phoenix Forums

Please Dig Deep Bubblers

We’ve all been listening to it on the radio, watching it on the telly, reading it in the papers/internet. Victoria needs our help. I’m sure New South Wales does too, but not as badly as Victoria does right now.…

There are so many ways to help everyone effected by the bushfires. Whether its donating money, physically helping (like our wonderful SES, CFS, MFS, Red Cross, Salvos and other brilliant volunteers), giving clothes or food or toys, giving blood, sending out prayers to the Universe, or donating images to the Phoenix Appeal. The Phoenix Appeal was started by Anne van Alkemade

Also, Jemimalovesbigted has so many links and ways to help… visit her journal to find out more. JLBT is too close to the fires for comfort… and I’m know she’s not the only one.

And our wonderful RB Elves have pu

woo hoo!!! I got third place in the scavenger hunt!!!!

We had a scavenger hunt over in the Riginals group which required lots of hunting and searching and eventually finding then gathering.…

Congratulations to Juilee Pryor and Marilyn Brown … they came first and second respectively.

Thanks to Anne and ThickBlackOutline for the challenge! It certainly made the ol’ grey matter do some work, but it was fun looking for things I thought were somewhere but had moved. I wouldn’t move stuff then forget where I put it!!

I also want to thank my Dad for collecting pennies and Zac for keeping them after his Grandad had given them to him!! But then, Zac doesn’t chuck anything out!! It’s hard enough getting him to pull apart lego to rebuild into something else (he’s getting better at that though).

If you haven’t seen the entries to this challenge, float ove

Save Our Water

Anne and Adgray have brought something to the attention of everyone. The fact that we as a whole planet are not using water wisely and continue to use it as if it will be with us forever.

Its going to take more than just watering on your delegated day. I’ve put my 2 cents in and instead of nagging and getting on my soapbox again, pop over to Anne’s and check out the sad sight of Lake Merrimu in Victoria. Then go to Adgray’s and see what important issues she’s got to say as well.

You won’t be wasting your time and as long as what they say makes you think again next time you water your garden, then you are on the way to helping save our Earth, Water and Resources.

Have a great day,

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