I've found Big Foot

Where Big Foot goes for holidays… he disguises himself as a statue just so the abominable snowman hunters don’t find him. Here he is photographed in a leafy street of Winterthur, Switzerland (near Zurich).

Is that Heath inside the suit of armour? Maybe... if you want it to be!!

Over the past month or so I’ve uploaded a ‘few’ photos that I took while travelling overseas in 1992. There is still 2 albums I haven’t scanned yet, but might leave them for now… I’ll see how I go!…

I travelled throughout Europe using trains and staying in Youth Hostels, train stations and castles. In the UK I had a little old blue car which I drove everywhere I could in the space of time I had available. I travelled by myself, but I met so many people on the trains and in the hostels, that I wasn’t on my own much at all. July 1992 was spent staying in Switzerland for the Rover 9th World Moot… a type of jamboree for adult scouts! That was an experience and a half as well!!

I had planned on working and backpacking in the UK and Europe for 2 years, but after nearly one year came home… just m

Uniting the world through art

I often wonder what the World Moot organisers did with these murals. It would be fantastic if they were still around.
This next image is where this really long mural was created. We were camping for 2 weeks among these trees and mountains in the summer of 1992. What a life!!!

Life is for living, not watching it pass

In the next few days I’ll be uploading a bunch of photos I took while travelling overseas in 1992. I had planned on working and backpacking in the UK and Europe for 2 years, but after nearly one year came home… just missed family and friends too much!
As was written by yours truly such a long time ago. But sometimes sad things happen and it takes a while to get back into living among others again.…

We had to say goodbye to my Nanna. She was much loved throughout her long life and slipped away quietly to a better place. I can see her now, sitting painting and sewing in heaven surrounded by fluffly clouds and sunshine (nestled among the lavender and roses), munching on nettle soup (from stinging nettles of course… no joke… she used to love it!!! It’s good for you she’d say!!) and crackers. T

Knights, castles and mountains

In the next few days I’ll be uploading a bunch of photos I took while travelling overseas in 1992. I had planned on working and backpacking in the UK and Europe for 2 years, but after nearly one year came home… just missed family and friends too much!

I’m not including all the photos, just my favourites… I only took about 12 rolls of film!! Imagine if I had a digital camera back then!! There’d be thousands to see!!! Love my digital camera… no film or developing costs… plus, I get to see my fab images in an instant!!!

Talk about living in a world of instant… I keep telling my son that nothing is instant so stop expecting things straight away!!

Anyway… you’re not here to read this… you want to see my beautiful photos!! Enjoy ;D

Backpacking in Europe, 1992

Beanie Bears and Sparkles

Perfect for party invitations or greeting cards!

When the RB Elves (wishing now) get postcards up and printing then all you’d need to do for invitations would be to write on the back, add a stamp and post to your family and friends.

Just wanna say thanx!!

I know its been a while since they happened, but THANK YOU HEAPS AND HEAPS to whoever bought From the Eyes of a Fly and Butterflies Galore. The sales put a huge grin on my face!!

I haven’t been surrounding myself in bubbles for a couple of weeks or more (just busy… school holidays, work, sick child) and have missed out on heaps. New people arriving constantly with their amazing artwork and old faves creating new incredible works like there’s no tomorrow!!! I’ll have to stay awhile now while I can, and try and catch up… like that’s possible!!!

Come back soon and I’ll have some new pics up!

So excellent!! Love RB and the RB Elves!!!

It has arrived!!! Yay!!! My canvas print of Petals of Gold and the cards… very very awesome!!…

The more I look at the canvas print the more I like it… So until I get a hook on the wall for it, I’ve got it hanging over my calendar. Tha’ts saying something in itself as my calendar has frogs all over it and doesn’t usually get covered for anything! Not even sticky notes!!

The fact that it’s really light is great… instead of nails and hooks in the wall, I might use Velcro dots instead. These are great for rental places too as they can come off the walls again without leaving marks.

Makes me want to buy more… but as money is an issue here, I’ll have to wait! Thank goodness you have cards now… BTW: Thanks Xavier and Underbelly for ‘donating’ towards my canvas print!!

The cards are brilliant… jus

Webpages and Animations

I put this in the forum, but for those who don’t go there, please read on…

I’ve finished my assignments for this semester and would love to have some feedback via thoughts and comments here. My website does have an ‘email me’ form but as it comes back to me making no sense at all, please don’t use it! It is there purely to show that I can create a form in html…

Click here to have a look!

The animations are only basic, but the Blue Rain is the latest. You can click on the pictures to watch them. I’ve yet to find a place to upload the whole story of Blue Rain which has sound and more scenes.
I’m hoping that after my teacher has marked my site that he’ll let me add more items next term.

I hope you like it all, but let me know either way!! Thanks heaps!!

forum link

Help, I'm an addict!

I’ve missed heaps in the last week. Serves me right for not going along with my addiction… I’ve resisted popping in because I tend to stay for quite a while. Can’t seem to find the log off button and after I do, I find something else extraodinary to look at (again) and need to log on (again) to comment!! It’s a beautiful cycle…

I’ve tried to have a set day for bubbling, but it’s not working… I’ll just have to bubble for a bit every night and set the alarm or something. Maybe the one in the computer to turn the screen off so I’ll be forced to stop. Its a bit like putting the jar of biscuits up high and behind something else so that you’ll try that bit harder to get one (or three)…

Anyone else out there covered in RedBubbles feeling the same?

Fun Guys

I took a ‘couple’ of photos today. Thought I’d share my faves with you all! Why don’t you pop over and let me know what you think!! I’ll put the kettle on so you can have a cuppa while you browse (… your imagination will be required to actually drink your brew).

Blonde thoughts

Taken from what I wrote in The Age in Anelli’s Creativity Corner… such a brilliant idea.…

I dream constantly… alot of my dreams are while I’m asleep. Usually various themes melding into each other, with past friends popping in to give advice or offer support. These days, my dreams are not as vivid as they have been. Life is happier now so I believe this is the reason!

Of course, there’s daydreaming and these are often scribbled into notebooks as words and pictures, waiting for a time to be created into animations or even a book (more dreams, this time of high hopes!!).

Wedding Aftermath
This is a symbol of another type of dream. One that a friend of mine recently chose to follow.

These rose petals are waiting on the ground for the wind to whisk them away to their next big adventure. After c

Just popping into the bubbles before dinner!

Jienn started a really good chat a while ago about what sells?

Then I posted my reply and then decided that after reading Anne’s post, remembered I hadn’t written in my journal for a while. So here I am… not trying to take away from Jienn’s journal, but compliment it. And Khylan’s as well. Khylan was talking about a leaflet drop… and between them they got me thinking (as does everything else here in RedBubble).

I think I was extemely lucky to sell 2 cat tshirts in the short space of time that I did (within 2 weeks of joining RB) but I haven’t sold anything else since. If it was a shop front on a street I would be mortified and would be panicking that my advertising wasn’t working.
But then… I’m not advertising. Just telling friends and family all about RedBubble and how fab it is. But the

Hilarious People in Bubbles

I just have to brag that I’ve had the best night!!!

I spent ages flitting between a really cool chat page that Webgrrl created for us and cruising around RB! OK, so I haven’t uploaded anything since my tshirt please come out and play but that was this arvo!!!

Many thanks to Webgrrl for making this chatroom happen. I had so many laughs and I know the others did too!!! It was really great chatting to everyone… ok… not all 2000 of you, but a few… ;D Thanks for all the tips, lessons and info!!!

Loving life in RedBubble!!! It’s great looking forward to the future!!!! Thanks RB and people of my new world!!!

When is a garden snail not a garden snail?

When it’s too cute to be classed a garden snail. I’ve just uploaded a couple of photos I took last year, just after I got my groovy camera, before I worked out how it really worked!!
These tiny snails are only 4-5mm long and have wonderful spiral shells with the most beautiful markings. I haven’t seen them since as I moved house so am glad that I took these pics. The ants, millipedes and snails were all working together, crawling all over the birdbath bowl that was sitting on the ground. They snails’ shells actually wobble from side to side as they are crawling! I was so amazed by these tiny creatures.
It would be great to find out where else these snail are. Has anyone seen them?

It's raining

I thought it sounded like rain while I was drinking my coffee this morning… and it was!! And what’s more. It’s now nearly lunch and it’s still raining. Its really light but that’s great (better than none) because then it has time to soak in while it’s coming down!

I just had to show you all… Some of you live here in Adelaide as well and already know so are probably just as happy!!!

I’ve uploaded a few pics, just for now. I’ll have to get out and take more when my camera’s recharged. I was lucky enough to get these before the dreaded ‘bling bling’ and the red message saying flat battery!

I’ll upload higher res ones later… these are just to show off the rain!

Thanks for listening / reading!!!

Fireworks Spectacular

It was spectacular… the colours, the sounds! And all just up the road from us!! I had forgotton my trusty camera in our haste to get out the door (left it on the kitchen table!) and so all these pics are taken by my phone! Technology… isn’t it blooming marvellous? Pity they’re not good enough quality to put up huge on walls, but I thought they were worth sharing anyway!!
<br> They are at Southgate Plaze in Adelaide and I don’t know why they did it. MixFM (I still call them 5AD!!) hosted the night. If anyone know what the occasion was could they share? Thanks!
<br> Nearly makes up for not getting to the RB exhibition opening!!

I just wanna say...

Thank you to ALL of you (you know who you are!!!) for all the wonderful comments you keep making on my photos and images. So much appreciated!
<br> I’ve really always thought that just because I like it, doesn’t mean anyone else will. I was wrong! At least one or two others like it too!!! Never mind that my close friends and family like my stuff… it’s just different when people who don’t know you say it!
<br> Life in the Bubble is so inspiring and uplifting.
<br> Thank you Red Bubble too!!!

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