Tawny Frogmouth Sketch - Sketchbook Project pic 1

I joined the Arthouse Sketchbook Project late last year – all of a few weeks ago (saying “last year” makes it sound so long ago!). We have various themes to choose from and I’ve chosen Why did the owl make everyone laugh?. Well, why not, I thought, everyone needs a good laugh now and then… thinking that it would just be awesome to draw heaps of owls and things that made others laugh. Note I said ‘others’ and not ‘people’. You know I can’t draw humans very well… and if you didn’t, you do now!!…

I’ve been drawing quite a few sketches over the past couple of weeks, and have finally drawn one I’m happy to share. Its still in pencil form and so scanned pretty rough but I think its pretty cool. Its not exactly an owl, but these birds behave like owls, so I’m including them in my project.

This f

A new year, another attempt at being organised!

Happy New Year to all of you!!! Its going to be a wonderful year (it will I tell you… it has no choice!!!) and with any luck, I’ll finally be really good at time management and fit everything in that I want to do each and every day! Wish me luck :D…

To start off with, I’ve organised all my work notes and to do lists that have been gathering over the past ‘few’ months… I rewrote them all onto a couple of pages in one of those groovy Behance Action notebooks. You know, the ones with spots instead of lines. Love it… the paper smells and feels beautiful. You do understand though, that just because its written out all neat (sort of) and in a big long list, its no promise that it’ll all get done in the timeframe I’ve given it!! I wish. Its a good thing I love my work!

I know you all are so busy

Life is Beautiful

My world is totally filled with creativity from all angles!!! And I love it!!!…

Even mowing the grass yesterday I found myself ‘drawing’ pictures with the mower… yes, a tad sad… but pretty awesome at the same time! They didn’t look very good so I just kept mowing…! Sorry, no pictures. I’ll keep practising and maybe one day will take a pic.

I updated my blog the other day. Just a quick catchup on what I’ve been creating! Not everything of course, just a few bits and pieces :D “Everything” would take another mile and a half of blog space!!!

Work continues to be enthralling… I get to update and change the Country Bumpkin website and create webletters. Plus I get to help break stuff (I mean fix), like computers, webpages and servers!!! Good thing we have a webguru that I can call on any time I

Its Drawing Day tomorrow!!!

Just the other day while I was flicking through the calendar seeing what was coming up in May and June, I remember thinking… ‘cool, Drawing Day is coming up!’ Well, it feels like it was just the other day!! Its incredible how fast the time flies.…

What a good way to end the week… these last few have been more hectic than usual… but the embroidery magazine has gone to the printers (well nearly, at least the patterns have gone) and so I can relax again and get back to not being such a workaholic. Yay!!! Love the job though… get to draw for a living, even if its only tracing!!!

I’ve some groovy new textas to play with tomorrow and some beautiful paper to draw on… Just need to think of something to draw… but I’ll leave that until I’ve had a snooze.
See you then!!!

Have a wonderful Drawing Day!!

Bubble Analytics - Easy to add, Useful to have

With huge thanks to Mitch and Karin, I found out that Google Analytics is now available! We’ve waited years to be able to add this kind of data collection code.…

The following is where it was found and a quick blurb about what it is (thanks to RB)…
Home → Knowledge Base → Advanced RedBubble →
Google Analytics
RedBubble allows you to use Google Analytics to track and report on visitors to your profile and works.
To use this feature, you will need an account with Google Analytics.
If you already use Google Analytics, you can add your RedBubble profile and works pages to your Google Analytics account using your “Web Property ID”.

Can’t believe its been this long since I actually wrote anything… time flies so fast when you’ve loads of work to do. But at least our bills are getting paid!!! And I’m

Got nothing to do for 5 minutes? Why not give a review!

I’d love some feedback on my blog. If you have 5 minutes to spare while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil or decorating your thongs or even inbetween buying books (Flashback 2010 and or Sootys Adventures), would you please pop over and have a squizz?

Say anything you like, even if its critical. Just because I like it and think it looks ok, doesn’t mean anyone else will think the same! Besides, I always like to hear what you think!!! You could always leave a comment and a link to your own exciting events.

Of course, if its totally perfect in every way, just like a certain Nanny we all grew up with, then thats wonderful.

Thank you so much!!

…a link to the blog might help!!

Welcome to RB, PurpleDonna

Would everyone please give a big warm bubbly welcome to PurpleDonna. After many years of nudging, Donna has finally joined Redbubble and is showing off her photos. Here’s a little sample… Beautiful aren’t they?

I won’t prattle on like I usually do, cos I know you’re just itching to get over there and view them all for yourself!!!

Happy Bubbling!!

Yay!!! I'm online again!!!

Wow… that was a long 3 and a half days… no internet apart from my iphone. I’m going to have soooo many emails! Good thing I only have about 10 or 20 each day. I can only imagine how long it would take if I had 100 a day!!! Now I just have to get the phone working.…

If you’re not on that fun but time consuming virtual world, namely facebook, you may not know that I’ve moved house. A few reasons, but the most positive reason is for us to gain lots and lots of space… well, at least a separate studio (most would probably call it an office as its my workspace, but that sounds too much like work!!). We also gained a huge backyard (and front yard), big beautiful verandah, ready to go veggie plots, shed (everyone should have one of those) and a rumpus!!! The rumpus (storeroom (only for now), spare

Happy Christmas to One and All

Short but sweet… Just for a change!!! You can’t have essays all the time _

I wish you a totally wonderful Christmas!! A day (or more) of celebrating with family and friends, overflowing with love, happiness and laughter!

xxx {{{hugs}}} xxx

Thank you!!!!

I’m sending a huge Thank You to Majella for buying a greeting card of Butterflies Galore 3.

And another huge Thank You to an unknown person who bought Dandilions as a cranberry tee.

I hope you are both very happy with your products, whether they be for yourselves or as gifts (Christmas, Birthdays or even UnBirthdays) for others. Thank you :D

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