Hello everyone! I just popped into the Bubbles to wish you all a happy Easter. I wish you all to have lots of fun, happiness, laughter, chocolate, boiled eggs (with soldiers/toast), hot cross buns, and anything else that the Easter Bilby and Bunny (they work together these days) bring you to remind you of this important occasion.

My son is home this weekend (yay!! exciting cos he’s only home every 2nd Easter) and he’s in for a treat! We had chocolate hot cross buns for breakfast today (nice, but I prefer the real ones) and on Sunday we’ll be colouring eggs! We use textas and paint to decorate our eggs. I’ll have to remember to take photos before everyone digs in to eat them!

Of course we’ll have an egg hunt as well… we always do, even if my son’s not home! It’s more fun when he is though. At least the weather’s cooled down from 40C! We always manage to leave a couple in the garden for the ants and I’m sure they prefer to eat unmelted chocolate! No foil is left behind either… I’ve found these cool eggs that look like real eggs!!

Anyway… I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Happy Easter ;D

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