Life is Beautiful

My world is totally filled with creativity from all angles!!! And I love it!!!

Even mowing the grass yesterday I found myself ‘drawing’ pictures with the mower… yes, a tad sad… but pretty awesome at the same time! They didn’t look very good so I just kept mowing…! Sorry, no pictures. I’ll keep practising and maybe one day will take a pic.

I updated my blog the other day. Just a quick catchup on what I’ve been creating! Not everything of course, just a few bits and pieces :D “Everything” would take another mile and a half of blog space!!!

Work continues to be enthralling… I get to update and change the Country Bumpkin website and create webletters. Plus I get to help break stuff (I mean fix), like computers, webpages and servers!!! Good thing we have a webguru that I can call on any time I stuff something up! And he doesn’t mind either (phew! what a patient guy!) and bit by bit, he’s teaching me all about php and ajax and other stuff he’s used to create the website with in the first place! Yay :D I don’t think I’d ever be able to write php and stuff but at least I can sort of understand enough to do updates. I’m not learning fast enough explain to another though, so I’ll just have to keep learning till I can!

At CB, I also get to amuse my creative side and continue to help out in the shop (its a needlework shop) and teach kids classes in the holidays. Such a great place to work… it really gets the brain working and mixes embroidery, cardmaking, drawing, writing, scrapbooking, photography and digital art together! So taking 100s of photos has taken a bit of a back seat but I’m really enjoying being surrounded by paper, fabric, threads, glue and more paper and fabric. Love it!!!

Hope you’re all being creative (any way at all), are totally happy and having a wonderful life too!
Happy Bubbling,
Jenny aka GG

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