So excellent!! Love RB and the RB Elves!!!

It has arrived!!! Yay!!! My canvas print of Petals of Gold and the cards… very very awesome!!

The more I look at the canvas print the more I like it… So until I get a hook on the wall for it, I’ve got it hanging over my calendar. Tha’ts saying something in itself as my calendar has frogs all over it and doesn’t usually get covered for anything! Not even sticky notes!!

The fact that it’s really light is great… instead of nails and hooks in the wall, I might use Velcro dots instead. These are great for rental places too as they can come off the walls again without leaving marks.

Makes me want to buy more… but as money is an issue here, I’ll have to wait! Thank goodness you have cards now… BTW: Thanks Xavier and Underbelly for ‘donating’ towards my canvas print!!

The cards are brilliant… just as Khylan and others have said they were! I was expecting just the front on the groovy card, but what you have done is so much better… they are professional and beautifully finished! 

All in all… Absolutely, brilliant, fabulous and excellent job all of you fantastic people!!! Thank you ;D

After all these fab comments, I have to balance it out with this : Wouldn’t it be even more fab if the bubblewrap was red? ha ha… green is better than boring old clear though!! Don’t know if you can get red.

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