Floating Around in Bubbles

Floating Around in Bubbles has now started…
Hopefully I’ll be able to think of better things to say… and it’ll be mostly about more inspiring artworks, photos and writing by my fave people, but in the meantime, I’ve uploaded my Red Robins tee design.

Webgrrl helped prod my brain into the name… As always, ever so helpful!!! Thanks Webgrrl :D

I’ll start another one soon, just of my artwork, called “art by jenny”… the same name as the website that’s being created very soon. The site is there… artbyjenny.com.au …but its just parked. Waiting for this little cow to work faster!!!

Please let me know if you like it or hate it… I think I’ll keep it simple and black for now, it seems to make the colours jump!! Could be just my eyes…

I promise to write more words and stuff thats much more interesting to read as time goes on…

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